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Proposals and prioritizations in BriteIdeas require votes or sponsorships from the companies. Each company has a finite number of votes (20). Furthermore, other companies in the community have the opportunity to vote on or potentially fund your proposed project(s). For those reasons it's in your best interest to put careful thought and consideration into each change request before publishing your formal, written proposal. Outlined below are useful tips for proposing and voting on change requests in BriteIdeas.

1. Establish a Single Representative for Your Company

IWS will authorize up to three BriteIdeas user accounts for your company. Each of these users is welcome to view items listed in each of the queues; however, we strongly advise you to designate one person to be the sole voter and proposer for your company. We recommend this delegation of duties to help eliminate any confusion among what's being proposed and prioritized in the queues.

2. Have a Good Balance Between Proposals and Priority Votes

Since it costs you a vote to propose a new change, we recommend that you use some of your votes to help set some of your priorities. Think of it this way; if you enter twenty new change requests into the system, you will only have one vote on each of the twenty requests. However, if you enter only two change requests into the system, you can place nine of your votes on each request. This approach will give you a much better chance of getting your top two priorities completed than of getting twenty requests completed.

3. Be Strategic When Adding New Proposals

The great thing about BriteIdeas is that it's completely transparent. You can view what we're working on, you can prioritize what we do next, and you can see what change requests other clients are sending to us. If you use this bird's-eye view to your advantage, it can keep you from duplicating requests, and it can help you team up with like-minded companies.

a.) Check BriteIdeas for a Similar Change Request
Searching in BriteIdeas. Click image to enlarge.
Typing Up a Proposal. Click to enlarge.
Completed Queue. Click to enlarge.
Funding a Project. Click to enlarge.
When you first recognize the need or desire for a change in BriteCore, use the BriteIdeas Search box to see if any related change requests already exist. If you see that someone else has already entered a change request for the exact or similar behavior you desire, you can vote on the existing change request or contact the originator to jointly fund the request. Make sure you communicate additional behavior requirements or requests to IWS via the forum if you're voting on or supporting a change request that's similar to the behavior you desire but not exactly the behavior you desire.

b.) Use Resources to Gauge Interest from the Community
If there is not already a proposal in BriteIdeas related to your desired change, use the resources you have available to you to gauge interest from the community. This includes posting to the forum and/or contacting clients you think might be interested in backing your request. To see a full list of community contacts visit

c.) Compose a Formal, Written Proposal in BriteIdeas
Once you've done your research, and you're ready to add a proposal to BriteIdeas, click the Propose a Change button inside the Community queue or the Funded queue. Your choice of queue should be based on the feedback you received from the community during Step 3.b. For instance, if the community shows a lot of interest in your proposal, you should probably add it to the Community queue. But, if it looks like you're a lone wolf, you'll likely need to sponsor your project by proposing it to the Funded queue.
Regardless of which queue you choose, you should always clearly define the Business Requirements listed inside your change request form. You'll also want the title to be extremely intuitive since the rest of the community will be voting on––or possibly even funding––your change.

d.) Allow the Community to Establish the Priority of Your Idea
If you leave your idea in the Community queue, other BriteCore users will vote to establish the priority of your proposal. If your proposal is voted to the top of the community's list of priorities, IWS will lock your request down in BriteIdeas––along with its votes––and begin full scale development on the task. Once your proposed change is completed, it will be sent to you for testing. Following testing, the change will be documented and released to all BriteCore clients.

e.) Fund the Project If You Need It Prioritized Differently
If your BriteIdea isn't receiving enough votes from the community to place it at the top of the priority list, you can choose to fund the project by clicking the "Fund Me" button next to the change request in BriteIdeas. Clicking this button will allow you to sponsor part or all of the project's completion costs by pledging funds. IWS will not begin work on funded projects until they are fully supported by one or more clients. For project estimates, please contact your personal Account Executive.

4. Use Down-Votes on Items that Violate Your State's Regulations

Down-votes should be used to communicate with IWS that implementing a particular change request would interfere with your ability to adhere to your state regulations or would otherwise adversely affect your company and its current operations. Please do not down-vote items simply because you don't like them. Instead, up-vote the items you do like.

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