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We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology and world class customer service. Today we are empowering you to manage BriteCore's evolution as a product using a new change management system known as BriteIdeas.

What is BriteIdeas?

BriteIdeas is a newly developed platform that handles shifting priorities by placing work inside a transparent queue. This work is comprised of both community and client-funded change requests and can be accessed by clients over the internet. Equipped with an attractive, real-time dashboard, BriteIdeas is your primary tool for proposing new changes to BriteCore.

Why do we need a change management system?

BriteCore has grown rapidly over the past three years, and we anticipate further growth and maturity for many, many years to come. However, with that growth comes an exponential increase in the number of proposed changes to the system. IWS has attempted to manage that system with e-mails and Trac tickets, but we have increasingly struggled to prioritize those proposals in accordance to their actual business value. While we've always been open to requests, it is no longer practical for our staff to balance and evaluate hundreds of competing proposals between 26 different BriteCore companies. Yet our vision to provide you with the leading, cutting edge technology you deserve remains the same. That is why we are implementing BriteIdeas, a more robust change management system that allows our partnering clients to establish the direction of future development on BriteCore and IWS to produce quality changes that are of the utmost importance to our users.

How does BriteIdeas help manage change?

BriteIdeas manages change by organizing work into two basic lists: Community and Funded development. From the dashboard, users can view all proposals, vote to prioritize proposals, or add new proposals without having to go through their personal Account Executive. This level of transparency opens all change requests to the community and resolves IWS' attempts to maximize user benefits while minimizing impacts for other mutuals and their employees.

What is a Change Request?

A change request is a work item that requires programming changes to how a feature, element, or process works or displays in BriteCore or BriteQuote. We used to refer to these changes as "features" and "defects". However, those terms can be confusing and often impede productive discussion because a defect for one client may actually be a requirement for another client. Regardless of what you perceive the request to be (feature or defect), any time we change the code base of BriteCore, we are changing the way users interact with the software. Those changes need to be reviewed, documented, and funneled through a standard change management system in order for our product to remain stable. To better promote product consistency and sustainability, we will filter all code-based "change requests" through BriteIdeas from this point forward.

What are votes?

All clients receive 20 votes in BriteIdeas. This number is set somewhat arbitrarily and fixed across clients as a means of controlling the overall volume of the combined queues. Votes are weighted according to three factors:

  1. Support Dollars
  2. Ownership of IWS
  3. New Business Referrals

What is the Community Queue?

This is where new proposals are entered and voted on by clients in the BriteCore community. Development priorities for these proposals are established by clients and developed in order of their collective priority. Work from this queue is funded by the revenue generated from community support dollars. This currently accounts for fifty percent of IWS' overall development capacity.

What is the Funded Queue?

This is the list of proposals that have sufficient immediate business value to one or more of our clients that they are willing to invest in immediate development. We recognize that all of you are unique in your market, and have unique needs. If it's not practical for you to wait for the Community to evaluate and support your proposal, you can choose to sponsor the change directly. This type of development has the potential to allow IWS to overflow outside of our dedicated working capacity. At this time, the remaining fifty percent of our overall capacity is allocated to funded projects.

What happens when a change request reaches the top of the voted queue or receives complete funding?

Once a change request is fully supported through votes or funding, the request along with its votes or pledges is locked. During the lock phase, IWS has begun full-scale development and resources are currently assigned to the task. Once the change is completed, it will be sent to sponsor clients for testing. Following testing, the change will be documented and released into all live BriteCore sites. Finally, the change request is promoted to the "Completed" queue in BriteIdeas and any locked votes are released back into the available pool.

What does the Percent Complete column represent?

Once a change request is fully supported through votes or funding, the request along with its votes or pledges is locked. When an item gets locked in BriteIdeas, IWS will begin full-scale development and and assign current resources to the task. As development progresses, IWS will update the Percentage Complete column in BriteIdeas so carriers can monitor and follow the development. Click here to view the Percent Complete Key.

What happens if a change request is abandoned?

If at any point a change request loses all votes or all funding pledges, it will be moved to the Abandoned screen on the Inactive menu. An abandoned change request can be Adopted back to the Community at any point by clicking the "Adopt!" button committing a single vote back to it.

What should I do about hard errors?

A hard error is any sort of data or application error. If you experience a hard error in BriteCore please use the "Oops" button to report the issue. We will resolve your defect as soon as we can, as we have dedicated staff on duty for this purpose. We want to resolve problems as much as you, so we can move on to growing our product. Please keep in mind that an error does not require a change to BriteCore's procedures or workflow.


BriteIdeas is a change management tool that ensures all of our clients have a view into what we're currently working on and a say in what we develop next. This helps us better focus our attention on what's actually most important to all of you. We are committed to openness, and we want each and every one of you to get the processing system you want and deserve. We look forward to working with you through BriteIdeas!

Additional Resources

For more information on how to use BriteIdeas, please review materials under the Quick Start Guide and Frequently Asked Questions. We also invite you to discuss BriteIdeas on our forums if you have further questions or concerns.

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