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We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology and world class customer service. For that reason, we are empowering you to manage BriteCore's evolution as a product using a new change management system known as BriteIdeas. BriteIdeas is an internally developed platform that handles shifting priorities by placing work inside a transparent queue. There are three avenues we utilize to determine what enhancements are made to BriteCore, these avenues are:

1. Community Changes - Each client is awarded votes that are weighted based on their annual support payments. Clients can then enter change requests into BriteIdeas and vote on their favorite changes. They can vote for their changes or any change entered by other clients. Throughout the year we lock the top voted changes and add those to the development queue.

2. Client Funded Changes - Most implementing client changes fall into this category as part of their implementation and BriteCore purchase. However, existing clients can also request a funded change. If a community item is not being voted on by the client base, a client can click a "fund me" option and request a quote for the change. They can then pledge dollars towards this change. Other clients can also pledge funded dollars to changes, even if they did not request it. Once an item is 100% funded it goes into the development queue.

3. Strategic Changes - Throughout the year IWS identifies technology enhancements that keep the product viable for the future. These enhancements are decided by the IWS management team and will also be entered into the BriteIdeas site for transparency.

Development time for change requests is split between community-voted and company-sponsored changes. For more information, please view our documentation below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can send us an OOPS! ticket (current clients) or contact us at (non-clients).

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