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BriteCore is an all-in-one insurance processing system that includes access to an advanced online quoting and application system, BriteQuote. BriteQuote can be accessed online through BriteCore’s sophisticated Agent Portal. From the dashboard, agents can quickly generate a quote based on the lines of business and rates configured in BriteCore and instantly convert the quote into an application––all with seamless, automatic enforcement of your company's underwriting standards.

When using BriteQuote, agents can only bind policies that meet your criteria, and when they submit an application, it’s emailed straight to the underwriter for approval. The best part: no double-entry. Underwriters simply click “approve” and BriteCore creates a new policy in your system.

Logging in to BriteCore

Before you can begin working with BriteCore, you’ll need to go to your company’s Agent Portal site at and follow the log in instructions below:

  1. In the Username box, type your username.
  2. In the Password box, type your password.
  3. In the Role drop-down box, select Agency.

Once you’re logged into the Agent Portal, you’ll be able to access each of the core modules listed below––Policies, Claims, Payments, Stats, and Settings. You’ll also have access to the BriteQuote shortcut so that you can quickly and easily generate quotes or begin new policy applications.

Overview of Core Modules

Once you’re logged into the Agent Portal, you’ll have access to the following five core modules from the dashboard: Policies, Claims, Payments, Stats, and Settings. You’ll also be able to generate a quick quote by using the Quote a New Policy icon located in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

Before we show you how to log in and start generating quotes or applications, let’s first review each of the core modules listed inside the Agent Portal dashboard beginning with Policies.

Policies - The Policies module is where you can quickly and easily write a policy for an insured, generate a quick quote, or manage existing policies. The policies you write will be based on the lines of business set up by your company, helping to ensure there are not errors in the coverages offered. You can also browse any documents that have been uploaded for each of your policies.

Claims - In the Claims module, agents can view an entire list of their insured’s claims or search for a specific claim. Within an individual claim, agents can view the general information (including Policy ID, Named Insureds listed on the claim, Loss Date, Loss Address, Loss Cause(s), Description, and Claimants) listed on that claim, the claim status, and all uploaded documents listed under that claim.

Payments - Agents can enter electronic payments on behalf of the insured and submit Sweeps inside of Payments. At night, the funds will be transferred from the agent/agency’s account to the company’s account. Payments will automatically get posted to respective policies in BriteCore.

Stats - The Stats module shows agent stats for Loss Ratio, Commission, and Application Volume.

Settings - This module allows agents to update their username and password for the Agent Portal.

Agent Portal Dashboard.png