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BriteQuote is and all-in-one quoting and application system. It can be accessed via the web through BriteCore's Agent/Agency Portal. The portal serves as the agent or agency's view of BriteCore. From the portal dashboard, agents can quickly generate a quote based on the lines of business and rates you configured in BriteCore and instantly convert the quote into an application – all with seamless, automatic enforcement of your underwriting standards. Agents can only bind policies that meet your criteria, and when they submit an application, it’s emailed straight to the underwriter for approval. The best part: no double-entry. Underwriters simply click “approve” and BriteCore creates a new policy in your system.

Configuring Settings for BriteQuote

The quoting application in BriteCore helps eliminate quoting and application errors by allowing companies to create custom Underwriting Questions that will enforce their underwriting rules. Before agents can use BriteQuote to its potential, administrators must first customize their company's underwriting questions in BriteCore.

Generating a Quick Quote

To obtain a quote, BriteCore requires minimal user input allowing agents to generate a quotes quickly. This section of documentation identifies requirements for generating a quick quote via the Agent Portal with BriteCore's quoting and application system.

Updating and Submitting an Unsubmitted Policy

All unsubmitted (and therefore unaccepted) policies and quotes can be updated and submitted if the prospective insured chooses to act on the policy in a timely manner.

 Before submitting a policy application, agents must update any missing information in the Policy Setup tab. In this lesson, you will view the Policies module and learn how to search for an Unsubmitted Policy, and then you will learn how to update and submit the Unsubmitted Policy.

To generate and submit a policy application, users must select the “Policy is an application” toggle option on the Policies screen. When this option is selected, supplemental questions are viewable in Builder and pre-determined underwriting rules can be enforced before application submission is allowed.

BriteQuote Attachments

We’ve added an Attachments tab to the policy ribbon in the Agent/Agency Portal. From this tab, agents can upload documents to BriteQuote policy applications prior to their submission. These documents may be used for underwriting purposes and/or correspondence from agents, insureds, or past carriers on prior claims. The Attachments screen accepts most file types, so agents can upload nearly anything you want them to upload including images, change requests, questionnaires, signed forms, and any other supporting documents you request. Supported file types include: jpg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, eps, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, pdf, zip, and html.

Committing Policy Applications

Changes to a policy/application are not locked until the policy/application has been committed. Policies with an uncommitted revision can continue to be edited. This gives you the flexibility to work on future policies.

Submitting Claims from the Agent Portal

Quoting Policy Changes in BriteQuote