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In the Claims module, agents can view an entire list of their client's claims or search for a specific claim. Within an individual claim, agents can view the general information (including Policy ID, Named Insureds listed on the claim, Loss Date, Loss Address, Loss Cause(s), Description, and Claimants) listed on that claim, the claim status, and all uploaded documents listed under that claim.


Searching for Claims

You can search for a claim in the same way you searched for policies; however, in this module, you will encounter a Search field that also contains a filter. A filter next to a Search field allows you to limit your results by a certain characteristic. In Claims, the Filter By drop-down list allows you to limit your results by Claim Status. Thus, if you knew you were looking for an Open, Standard claim, you could limit your search results to only those claims with a status of Open Standard. This would speed up your search process, as you would not have to skim through every claim. In the example below, "John Smith/Open, Standard" was searched. NOTE: If the claim is unsubmitted, the claim number will appear as Inquiry.

AP Claims Filtered Search.png

Once you have found the claim you are looking for, click anywhere on the claim line. Note: If you want to view a full list of claims, you can click the Go button next to the Search box. In the example, Claim Number 20-2011-2 was selected.

Viewing the Accounting Tab

You will see three main sections under the Accounting tab: Overview, Payments History, and Losses Incurred. To open a section, click the gray arrow to the right of the section name (Overview, Payments History, Losses Incurred).


The Overview displays a list of coverages the claim is filed against and the Loss Reserves your company has set. Access to the Overview in Claims can be limited in BriteCore > Settings > System Wide > Permissions.

AP Claims Overview.png

Payments History

The Payments History box displays all payments made on the claim. Click the gray arrow in the Payments History box to expand the claim's payment history. See the below sample image for an example of what a Payments History box might look like.

AP Payments History.png

Losses Incurred

Click the gray arrow in the Losses Incurred box to expand the box and view its contents. Here you can view any changes to the Reserve amount. See the below sample image for an example of what an Incurred Losses box looks like.

AP Losses Incurred.png

Documents Tab

The Documents tab allows you to view additional reports, photos, and other documents attached to the claim. To view Documents, scroll up to the Documents tab and then click on it. Click on any of the attachments you would like to view and then open the file.

File a Claim from the Agent Portal

Agents have the ability to create and submit claims for review from the Agent Portal. Outlined on the Submitting Claims from the Agent Portal page, the steps defining the setup and use of this new feature are discussed.