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IWS recently designed BriteCore’s Documents module to allow users to store, search, organize, and retrieve documents efficiently in the Agent Portal. Documents screens are home for all electronically stored items including policy documents, deliverables, photos, statements, and other uploadable files.

Documents screens exist throughout the Agent Portal and can be seen by Agents in Agent Portal > Policies > Documents and Agent Portal > Claims > Documents. When you navigate to the Documents screen, you’ll see that it’s divided into two primary sections:

  • A search bar that allows users to locate documents
  • A file list that displays the contents of the active folder.

Search Bar and File List.png

Search Bar

From the Search Bar, users can browse for existing files or folders using basic and advance search options. Basic Searches allow users to search using full or partial key words. Advanced searches allow users to limit results by file name, date added, and/or print date.

AP Search Bar.png

Basic Search

To locate records inside the Documents module, type a full or partial file or folder name in the Search box and then click Search. BriteCore will return a list of records that meet your criteria.

  1. Click inside the Search box.
  2. Type the name of the folder or file you want to retrieve.
  3. Click Go.

Partial Search for Dec.png

Advanced Search

To perform a more advanced search, click the gear icon next to the Search box. Follow the form prompts for name, date added, and date printed and then click Search. BriteCore will return a list of records that meet your advanced search criteria.

  1. Click the gear icon next to the Search box.
  2. Input your advanced search criteria.
  3. Click Okay

Advanced Search Icon.png

File List

When you arrive on one of the Documents tabs, the system will direct you to the root folder. Where the contents of the root folder will be displayed in a File List.

Root Folder Contents.png

Paging in Documents

Underneath the root action bar is a list of files and folders within the active folder. This list will page when more than 25 records are present on the Documents screen. Users can navigate through pages using the Previous and Next buttons. Or jump from page to page by clicking on the “Page 1 of 2” button and typing a page number.


Sorting Files in Documents

Records inside the root folder are initially sorted by Date Added, but can be reordered by clicking on any of the column headings (Date Added, Print State, or Print Date) in the file list.

Resorting Attachments.png

Viewing All Files in Documents

Users also have the option to view all files inside the policy’s Documents queue by clicking the checkbox next to List All Files. Once this option is selected, BriteCore will flatten folders to display all files at once regardless of their location. For example, if you want to view an ordered list of all printed deliverables, you can List All Files and then sort by Print Date.

List All Files in Documents.png

Viewing Images in Documents

Click on an image file to view it. BriteCore will open the file using Fancybox. FancyBox is an imaging tool used for displaying images in a "lightbox" that floats over the top of a web page. IWS implemented Fancybox during the redesign so that users could scroll through their lightbox images using the left and right arrow keys on their keyboard.

Light Box Images.png