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In the Policies module, you can quickly and easily write a policy for an insured, generate a quick quote, or manage existing policies. The policies you write will be based on the lines of business setup by your company, helping to ensure there are not errors in the coverages offered. Also in Policies, you can browse uploaded Documents for each policy.

BriteCore connects written-policy information directly to your company's list of contacts. As you type an insured’s name, the system will auto-suggest a contact to you, and the contact’s important information will be automatically imported from the Contacts module. BriteCore eliminates the need to type the same address multiple times and will allow you to spend less time creating a policy.

If you add an individual to a policy who is not already in Contacts, you can quickly add that person’s information to the policy and the new individual will be added to your list of contacts for future use.

When entering property information, you can use a one-click feature to enter the latitude and longitude of the property. BriteCore uses a Get button which references the address entered on a policy, and automatically uploads the specific latitude and longitude. Identifying information like latitude and longitude increases the amount of data available about each property. This can increase your company's ability to get better rates on your reinsurance contracts. BriteCore uses, a third party vendor, for this information.

Below is an example of the Policies screen.

Policies MainScreen.png