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Attachments Screen.png

Overview of Attachments

The Attachments module is an enhanced document management system that allows users to efficiently store, search, organize, and retrieve documents in BriteCore. It is the home for all electronically stored items including policy documents, deliverables, photos, statements, and other uploadable files.

Key features of the Attachments module include:

  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • On demand performance enhancements
  • Built-in Advanced Search capabilities
  • Customizable folder organization
  • Basic folder-level permissions
  • Integration with Fancybox

File Structure

The file structure of the Attachments page is hierarchical in nature. For example, a policy's Declaration will be located in the Declaration > MM-DD- YYYY Declaration > MM-DD-YYYY Declaration "Recipient's Name". Each recipient - named insured, additional named insured, additional interest, agent, mortgagee, etc. - will have their on individual PDF copy of the deliverable.

Declaration FirstLevel.png Declaration SecondLevel.png Declaration ThirdLevel.png

The above attachments were generated as a result of the below setup on the policy:

PolicySetup Contacts.png