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Bail Out emails are generated and sent when a backgrounded process such as invoice generation fails to complete. Bail Out emails are automatically sent to the logged in user if an email exists in BriteCore for that user. If an email address does not exist for the contact, then an email is sent to the email address(es) specified in BriteCore > Settings > Administrative Alerts > Processing Errors. Whenever a user receives a Bail Out email, he/she should check the policy to ensure processing is correct. This may require the user to edit/reprint an invoice in order to get it to generate properly.

Example Email

From: ​ ​
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 5:56 PM
To: John Smith
Subject: Bail Out!: Name

Installment Billing Statement deliverable failed to generate: You must have a policy type to initialize the policy accounting class. Policy ID: 1234567890

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