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BriteIdeas will be live on February 19th. On that Tuesday, you'll be able to access BriteCore's new change management system. The information you need to log into BriteIdeas will be sent to you in an email. The attached pdf inside the email includes the username and password for each Authorized User that was shared in the BriteIdeas: List of Requests and Client Weighting email on Friday, February 15th. Please note that the password is temporary and we suggest you change it upon logging into BriteIdeas for the first time.

Once you've received your IWS issued login credentials, you should follow the tutorial below. It will show you how to log in and change your password from the Profile screen. If you have additional questions regarding your login information or BriteIdeas in general, please contact

1. Sign In to BriteIdeas

Go to In the Sign In boxes, type your IWS issued username and password, and then click Sign In.

Sign In.png

2. Change your Password

Once you're logged in to BriteIdeas, you can click on the Profile link at the bottom of the screen to update fields in your profile. This includes your name, email, company, and password. To change your password, click inside the open field Password box and type your new password.

02 Type New Password.png

Re-enter this password in the Re-enter Password field.

03 Re enter Password.png

3. Click Update Profile to Save Your Work

When you are finished updating your profile fields, click the green Update Profile button. BriteIdeas will store your newly created password. You will use this password the next time you Sign In to BriteIdeas.

Update Profile button.png