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Funds can be pledged towards change requests you wish to see implemented in BriteCore. If it's not practical for you to wait for the Community to evaluate and support your proposed change, you can choose to sponsor the change directly. Sponsored projects are generally proposals that have sufficient immediate business value to one or more of our clients that they are willing to invest in immediate development. To sponsor a development project, you'll need to pledge funds towards its development from within BriteIdeas. There are several different ways you can do this depending on the current state of the change request. See scenarios below.

Sponsoring a Change Request in the Community Queue

Fund Me Button
Pledge Box

Click the Fund Me button next to the change request if there's an item in the Community queue that you wish to sponsor. This opens the funding box where you can pledge funds to move the item from community development to funded development. You can choose to sponsor the entire development project or part of the project, but IWS will not begin work on a sponsored item until it's fully funded.

Sponsoring a Change Request in the Funded Queue

Click the Pledge Funds button to sponsor a partially funded item inside the Funded queue. Doing so will open the funding box where you can specify how much you're willing to put towards the development of the project. If your pledge completes the required total funding amount, the proposal will be queued and locked for development at the next availability. Otherwise, the item will continue to sit in the Funded queue until it's fully sponsored.

Adding a new Change Request to the Funded Queue

If you would like to propose a new change request to the Funded queue, you can do so by clicking on the Propose a Change button located in the bottom-left corner of the Funded screen. When you propose a new change, you'll be asked to provide the Title, Description, Business Requirement, and Forum Post Link for the new change. If no forum posts have been created for this change, type "N/A" in the Link to Forum Post box. For more information, see BriteIdeas - Proposing a New Change.

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