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To propose a new change in BriteIdeas, click on the Propose a Change button in either the Community queue or the Funded queue. When you propose a new change, you'll be asked to provide the Title, Description, Business Requirement, and Forum Post Link for the new change, see image below. If no forum posts have been created for this change, you can skip this box and click Request Change. However, it's always a good idea to post this information to the forum so that the rest of the user community can inquire about the proposed change.

Proposing a Change in BI.jpg

If you propose a new change to the Funded queue, BriteIdeas will ask you to pledge funds towards the item's development. If you propose a new change to the Community queue, BriteIdeas will automatically allocate one of your votes to the change, regardless of the change type––perceived feature or defect. If you're unsure of which queue to add your proposal to, or if you'd like to view our tips for proposing and voting on new changes, see our Best Practices.

If you add a new proposal to the Community queue and later decide your proposed item is no longer a top priority, you can remove your votes from the change request by simply down-voting the request until the green counter next to your proposed item displays "0". If you remove all of your votes from the proposed change request, and no one else in the community has votes on your change request, then it will become inactive and will be moved to the Abandoned queue. You can remove an item from the Abandoned queue and move it back to the Community queue by clicking the "Adopt" button. Doing so will cost your company a vote, since you're moving the item from inactive back to active.

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