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BriteIdeas is BriteCore's new change management system that handles shifting priorities by placing work inside a transparent queue. This work is comprised of both community and client-funded change requests and can be accessed by clients over the internet. In the following sections of the BriteIdeas Quick Start Guide, we'll preview each of the five main screens including the two that host the BriteCore community and funded development requests.

To get started, go to and sign in.

View the Community Screen

When you log into BriteIdeas, the first screen you'll see is the Community screen. This is where new proposals are entered and voted on by clients in the BriteCore community. Development priorities for these proposals are established by clients and developed in order of their collective priority. Work from this queue is funded by the revenue generated from community support dollars. This currently accounts for fifty percent of IWS' overall development capacity.

18 Anatomy of Community Development.jpg

View the Funded Screen

BriteIdeas was designed to be a win-win prioritizer for all clients by introducing a new component known as funded development to the change management process. This type of development is funded by individuals or groups of individuals and has the potential to allow IWS to overflow outside of our dedicated working capacity. At this time, the remaining fifty percent of IWS' overall capacity has been allocated to funded projects.

To view the funded development queue in BriteIdeas, click on the Funded tab at the top of your screen. You'll see the list of proposals that have sufficient immediate business value to one or more of our clients that they are willing to invest in immediate development. We recognize that all of you are unique in your market, and have unique needs. If it's not practical for you to wait for the Community to evaluate and support your proposal, you can choose to sponsor the change directly.

12 Anatomy of Funded Development.jpg

View the Inactive Menu

Under the Inactive tab in BriteIdeas, you can view a list of Completed change requests or requests that have been abandoned. Both types of requests no longer carry any votes or weight and are therefore marked inactive.

Completed Requests

The Completed queue holds a list of changes IWS has completed since the inception of BriteIdeas. In order to make it to the Completed list, change requests must go through a multi-phase change management process that includes Phase I: Proposal and Promotion, Phase II: Design and Documentation, and then Phase III: Development and Deployment.

You'll know when a change request is fully supported (through votes or funding) and entering the development stage, because the request––along with its votes or pledges––will be Locked in BriteIdeas. During the lock phase, IWS begins full scale development and resources are assigned to the task. Once the change is completed, it will be sent to sponsor clients for testing. Following testing, the change will be documented and released into all live BriteCore sites. Finally, the change request is promoted to the "Completed" queue in BriteIdeas, and any locked votes are released back into the available pool.

Completed Queue.png

Abandoned Requests

If at any point a change request loses all votes or all funding pledges, it will be moved to the Abandoned screen inside the Inactive menu. An abandoned change request can be adopted back to the Community at any point by clicking the "Adopt!" button and committing a single vote back to it. If you adopt a change request and then remove your vote from that request, it will be sent back to the Abandoned queue, unless of course another user adopts the request.

Abandoned Queue.png

View the Reports Menu

The following reports are available under the Reports tab in BriteIdeas: Votes by Company, My Pledged Funding, Pledges by Change Request, and Votes by Change Request. These reports make it easy for you to see what others are voting on so you can work together to align interests or view your total pledged amount for funded projects. Read about each report below.

Votes by Company

This report shows total votes by company for each company represented in BriteIdeas. This report is helfpful when you want to view your company's allocated votes in BriteIdeas. In the screen shot below, you'll see an example report for Votes by Company. In this example there are two companies: Intuitive Web Solutions and Hayden Mutual. Under each company there's a list of change requests the company has voted on along with the total number of votes that company has put towards the request. Positive numbers on the report represent up-votes by the company and negative numbers represent down-votes.

06 Reports Votes by Company.png

My Pledged Funding

This report shows the list of projects your company has agreed to sponsor. Next to each sponsored item in the report, you'll see the amount pledged for each project so that you can calculate the total pledged towards all associated projects. In the example below, the company represented has agreed to fund two projects, pledging a total of $7,000 of funded development.

07 Reports My Pledged Funding.png

Pledges by Change Request

The Pledges by Change Request report allows users to view a breakdown of pledged funding by Company per funded item in BriteIdeas. For each request listed in this report, you'll see the title of the change request, a list of sponsoring companies, and each company's pledged funding amount. The report also shows the total amount pledged among all sponsoring companies, as well as, the total amount needed to initiate development of the project.

Pledges by Change Request.png

Votes by Change Request

The Votes by Change Request report displays a breakdown of votes by Change Request per voting company. Items in this report are ordered according to their Score in BriteIdeas with the highest scored change requests listed first.

When you view the change requests listed in this report, you'll see the change request name, company names of voters who support or oppose the request, and the total number of votes put towards the support or opposition of the change. Supporting votes are shown as a positive number and opposing votes are negative. See the example image below.

Votes by Change Request.png

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