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We sincerely appreciate when a client shares a positive experience with others and directly refers their colleagues to BriteCore. Many of our current clients have given us referrals over the years that have resulted in incredible clients that have strengthened the BriteCore community. When you as a client refer other clients that are similar in business processes as you, you’ll help build the user base and ultimately drive down costs for your future development.

Since we’ve rolled out BriteIdeas, and referrals can have an impact on your weighting, we wanted to clarify the referral process as it relates to BriteIdeas weighting. There are two Referral Credit options available and each is outlined below.

Full Referral Credit Process

1. Prior to BriteIdeas, we didn't have the need to document referrals. Therefore, all referrals for credit are for contacts made from this date forward. This does, however, present an opportunity to renew contact with anyone you may have referred to BriteCore in the past.

2. Send the following information to or you can always call us as well.

  • Name, Company, Contact Information
  • Date and details of last conversation you had with them

3. We'll then reach out to the company to start the process. The above referral will be documented to be used toward the referral factor in BriteIdeas once they sign a contract.

4. If multiple BriteCore Clients refer the same company, and each had contact and influence in their purchase of the system, multiple referral credits can be distributed for the same contract.

Partial Referral Credit Process

At times you may have an impact on a company’s decision to choose BriteCore. You may not refer the Company to us; however, you should receive some credit for your assistance in the process. A great example is when a potential client wants to visit with a current BriteCore Client. If you spend a day showing them the BriteCore process, we’ll give you a partial referral credit since your time will contribute to their decision. All credit will be assessed at the time the new contract is executed.

We greatly appreciate your help in growing the BriteCore community!

If you have any questions, please contact

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