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Commissions and commission statements are calculated in the cron on the last day of the month and available in your BriteCore site on the first of the month in Policies > Payments > Pending Commission Payments. Pending your approval, commission statements will be emailed out to agents or agencies set up to receive commission statements electronically in Contacts > Roles > Notices.

Commissions will not be sent until you manually release the pending commissions listed inside the Commission Payments Queue. Note that commissions are not paid against policies that are not yet effective or against money paid toward fees. They're also not run on a policy unless there is a payment, a Return Premium, a NSF, or a deleted payment. These enforcements help IWS eliminate small negative amounts appearing on commission statements for unpaid system fees in a month where a fee was billed but no payment was received.


  1. Setting Up Contacts for Agents, Agencies, Agency Groups
  2. Attach Contacts to Policies (Agent or Agency)

Commissions Set Up

  1. Setting Up Commission Payments
    1. Decide who you're going to pay commissions to: Agency or Agency Group
    2. Decide what you're going to pay commissions based on: Written or Paid Premium
      1. Paid Premium Calculations
      2. Written Premium Calculations
    3. Decide what to do with negative commission amounts.
  2. Setting Up Commission Structures
    1. Build Commission Structures
    2. Assign Structures to Agents or Agencies
  3. Commission Reports

Processing Commissions

  1. Issuing Commission Payments
  2. Issuing Negative Commission Statements
  3. Making Manual Adjustments
  4. Emailing Commission Statements
  5. Commission Reports
  6. Commissions Safeguards

Shell Tools

  1. Overview of Commissions Shell Tools

Processing Commissions

How to Process Commissions

Monthly Responsibilities

1. Review and Process Commission Payments
2. Print and Send Negative Commission Statements
3. Manually Enter Commission Adjustments
4. Email Commission Statements