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The Contacts module allows you to add individuals and organizations to your contact listing, quickly saving all their information in the system. Once individuals or organizations have been saved to BriteCore, their information will populate automatically throughout the system. Adding contacts lets you write each policy more quickly and keeps all vital data about insureds, agents, and businesses organized and easily accessible.

Perhaps most unique to the Contacts module is the format: Contacts provides a person view of insurance. Instead of viewing your insureds on a policy-by-policy view, you can see each person who has insurance with your company and then view each of their policies. This format allows agents to become more personally acquainted with insureds, thus increasing the appeal of your company to customers. Additionally, each contact you enter is assigned a role (insured, vendor, etc) to assist you in keeping your business organized. For more information regarding how to work with Contacts, view our documentation links below:


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