Failed Email Transmissions (Example Email)

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Transmission failures are reported when some part of the message send process fails. For example:

  • We couldn't connect to our SMTP (email) server to send the email.
  • We were unexpectedly disconnected from our SMTP server when attempting to send the email.
  • Our SMTP server refuses to accept the message data that we are trying to send.
  • Our SMTP server refused the recipients (this is not the same as an invalid address in a real domain).

Failed Email Transmissions alerts are sent to recipient(s) added to the Failed Email Transmissions area in Settings > Admin Alerts > Contacts when an email fails to go through to the specified recipient. The below email is an example of a failed notification that was supposed to be delivered to a specified agent.

Note: Transmission failures are not reported for instances where an email response from the recipient server is sent back to the sender (e.g., Out of Office reply). Such transmissions indicate successful delivery of the email to an inbox.

Failed Email Transmission Email.png

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