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December 2012

BriteCore Now Syncs InsVista HO Files to Related Invoices (Dec 20)

IWS will be releasing a new feature tonight that changes the way BriteCore sends policy change notifications to InsVista. In summary, BriteCore will now sync InsVista HO records to initial/renewal/endorsement invoices on all newly committed revisions.

For more information, please read the Executive Summary below.

Executive Summary

BriteCore is now syncing InsVista HO files to the print date of the policy’s initial, renewal, and endorsement invoices. This means HO files are sent to InsVista at the same time the BG files are processed for new policies, renewal policies, and premium bearing endorsements. Additionally, all premium amounts on policy invoices will match the amounts on the policy’s printed deliverable(s).

In conclusion, all policy change notifications for premium-bearing transactions will no longer be sent to InsVista prior to the reception of the policy’s billing information (initial/renewal/endorsement invoice).

Please note that this change does not affect HO Files already scheduled to go out. These files will still be sent on the policy effective date rather than the invoice print date.

Links to BriteWiki > InsVista Integration

New Behavior Regarding Auto-Pay Methods (Dec 18)

Previously in BriteCore when a policy's billing schedule was switched from manual pay to auto-pay, BriteCore would build new installments for the auto-pay method and give each new installment the same print state as the previous installments. So, if a policy was on manual pay and the invoice print states were set to "To Be Determined" then the auto-pay installments would also be set to "To Be Determined".

We'll be changing this behavior so that invoice print states for policies on auto-pay always default to "Do Not Print". This means, any time a policy's billing schedule gets switched to "Auto Pay," BriteCore automatically sets the print states of all new invoices to "Do Not Print" regardless of what the previous invoice print states were. So now, if you have a policy on a monthly, manual pay with invoice print states set to "To Be Determined" and you switch the policy to an auto-pay method, BriteCore will build new installments for that method and set the print states of each installment to "Do Not Print". Additionally, if you change the billing schedule back to manual pay, the policy's invoices will be set to "To Be Determined".

Disabling Category Selections in BriteQuote (Dec 17)

We’ve created a new setting option in BriteCore > Lines > Effective Date > Policy Type > Line Item > edit Line Item > Rating > Rate Categories > New Category that allows users to disable certain category selections from the agent’s view in BriteQuote. When the “Disable in BriteQuote” option is applied to a category, the category’s selections can only be manipulated by mutual employees and administrators via BriteCore. All users in BriteQuote or the Agent Portal can see the category but will not be able to select or alter the category’s value, because the value will be greyed out.

For step-by-step instructions on how we set up and disabled our example "IRPM Line Item" used in the attached Release Notes, see Example Process for Setting up an “Individual Risk Premium Modification” line item on a policy type in BriteCore. If you have further questions regarding this feature, please contact your Account Executive.

Changes to the Sort Order of Attachments (Dec 10, 2012)

We will soon be changing the sort order of folders inside of BriteCore Attachments. All folders will appear in alphabetical order when you navigate to the individual Attachments screens. Click the link above to view example images of the Policies > Attachments and Reports > Attachments screens.

Added 2 New Columns to the Inspections Due Report (Dec 10, 2012)

We've added an Inception Date column and a County column to the Inspections Due report.

E2Value Integration (Dec 10, 2012)

IWS will be releasing a support fix tonight for clients who are currently integrated with E2Value. In summary, some agents have been receiving an error message when trying to access E2Value ("Go to E2Value") from within the Agent Portal. This is because BriteCore's E2Value Integration was previously hard-coded to use a single URL for redirection. However, we've recently discovered that in order for this to work properly the URL needs to be tailored to the actual products that mutuals are paying E2Value for.

To correct this issue, IWS added a new drop-down to BriteCore > Settings > Vendors > E2Value > Product URL and adjusted this URL for clients currently integrated with E2Value. Agents should no longer receive error messages from BriteCore or E2Value telling them to contact their provider. For more information including how to integrate E2Value with BriteCore, please see http://wiki.britecore.com/wiki/E2Value

November 2012

Added New Field for Next Inspection Date (Nov 28, 2012)

We’ve added a new field to Policies > Revisions > Property Tab > Inspection Request called Next Inspection Date that allows users to manually input the due date of the property’s next inspection. Since inspection dates are generally calculated based upon the policy type or program selected, BriteCore allows you to update Next Inspection Dates on each individual policy...read more

Release Notes (Nov 13, 2012)

The enhancements for this release are: a new dynamic text tag added for today’s date, vast improvements to PoliDiff (BriteCore’s tool used in BriteCore to propagate changes forward to future revisions), updates to BriteCore’s Billing Summary, and the addtion of Agent/Agency information to several standard reports. See the attached notes for summaries of each individual new feature.

October 2012

Release Notes (Oct 10, 2012

IWS will be releasing a software update to your BriteCore site tomorrow, Thursday, October 11th, after work hours. This release will include a new feature and a few small defect fixes. The release will not include the Mid-Term Endorsement change, moving from Bill Date to Cancel Date. We plan to release that feature early next week. Here is a highlight of the new InsVista feature:

"We’ve built a new tool inside of Policies > Processing that allows users to review and rebuild Ins- Vista HO and BG files prior to sending them to InsVista. To see this new feature, go to Policies > Processing and click on the gray drop-down arrow inside the newly designed InsVista box."

September 2012

Release Notes (September 10)

This week’s release is short and sweet. It contains several fixes and one improvement to BriteCore’s Reinstate Policy pop-up box. The pop-up now displays the cancellation date and trailing balance amount of the last non-pay making it easier to spot policies that have the potential to re-enter a status of “non-pay cancellation pending” or “canceled, non-payment of premium.”

August 2012

Release Notes (August 29)

A few of the features going out in this week’s release will make your job easier. For example, we’ve added new functionality to BriteCore’s Reinstate Policy button that allows users to easily change a policy’s status back to active. We’ve also made the policy records inside the Linked Policies pop-up clickable so that they’ll open for users in a new window. Additionally, you’ll see new warning pop-up boxes in Settings, BriteQuote, and the Return Premium log.

Release Notes (August 15)

There are a couple of features going out in this week’s mini release. You’ll notice minor changes to BriteQuote’s Billing screen that allow users to select different payment methods for initial and future invoices, as well as, a new Billing Schedule pop-up that determines what happens to past invoices when a policy’s billing schedule is changed. Click the link above for more information.

Release Notes (August 8)

For several weeks, IWS has gone over BriteCore’s month-end reports with a fine-tooth comb. As a result of this effort, we’ve made key improvements to the system that greatly reduce client reporting time and increase reporting accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. We’re happy to share these advancements with you: some of BriteCore’s reports no longer run through the BriteCore web session; we’ve added a new header row to all report sheets; we’ve corrected the Advanced Premium report to include both new and renewal business; we’ve documented the differences between the Payments Received report and the Agent Commission report; and we’ve queued eighteen of BriteCore’s month-end reports to run automatically.

Additionally, we’ve deployed a few other valuable changes to your sites including a new deliverables setting that allows you to remove the signature block from your dec sheets and improved functionality for deleting/removing return premiums. Click the link above to view more information regarding each of these key improvements.

July 2012

Release Notes (July 18)

IWS has regularly been releasing features and fixes over the last three weeks to assist with New Accounting. Since no release notes have gone out, we wanted to give you an update on everything that has been modified. Here are the highlights:

  • Get Credit Score Requires SSN
  • Change to Edit Line Item Defaults
  • Delete Button Extended to Other Types
  • Edit and Reprint Button Extended
  • Edit Due Date and Cancel Date Links
  • Initial/Renewal Invoice: Increasing Premium
  • Link from Agent Portal to Secure Checkout
  • New Dynamic Text Tag {past_due}
  • InsVista Vendor Re-write
  • E2Value Integration Completed
  • Updates Made to XLS Reports

Updates to XLS Reports (July 17)

Several improvements were made to BriteCore's XLS reports during the accounting re-write. View the attached PDF for a detailed summary of changes made to the following reports:

Note: We’ve also made a couple of improvements to the Excel format of these reports. Policy numbers are now direct hyper links to the Accounts Receivable screen of the policy. So, if you see a record you want to know more about, you can go directly to that record’s AR screen by clicking on the policy number in your spreadsheet. We’ve also formatted the columns in the spreadsheets to open as dollar amounts. Sorting columns within Excel should work automatically without first needing to convert the data type from text to numeric.

May 2012

Issue Tracker (May 21)

IWS is pleased to announce the release of our new Issue Tracker within BriteCore. This new defect-reporting feature will allow you to quickly report defects in real-time from directly within BriteCore. You will no longer have to move between your email and your BriteCore screen - you will simply open the sidebar Issue Tracker to quickly and easily report a concern.

Release Notes (May 21)

This week’s release features several product enhancements along with a new defect-reporting tool known as the Issue Tracker. Details regarding Issue tracker will be outlined in a separate email, but the feature will be visible in your site immediately following the release. Once the release is live, users will have the ability to perform the following:

  • Add labels to photos in BriteQuote
  • View the new print order for grouped coverages on decs
  • View Policy Type columns for a couple of reports
  • Add comments to rate chain objects
  • Receive improved feedback on warning pop-ups for N/A rates
  • Use BriteCore’s static highlighting feature for required fields
  • Report Defects in real-time via BriteCore

We’ve also restricted permissions rights––to administrators only––for adding or editing roles in Contacts. For a full overview of enhancements, please read the attached pdf.

April 2012

Release Notes (April 25)

The following features/enhancements have made it through testing and will be available in your BriteCore site after the release: the Report Number and Loss History fields populate when no Current Loss History is reported, the Clone Policy button has been renamed Rewrite Policy, there’s a new Category Type called Credit Score Tier, Mortgagee Copies now auto-print for Custom Deliverables, there are new system enforcements in Claims, and a new Vendor Tagging feature in Settings.

Release Notes (April 3)

There are several minor features and fixes going out in this week’s release. Please review the attached documentation to find out what new buttons, pop-ups, and functions will soon be available. You’ll want to pay close attention to the following items: address auto-fill capability, the new Cancel Policy button, and the BriteQuote Payment Method option (agent sweep).

March 2012

Release Notes (March 14)

There are no major product enhancements going out in this week’s release; however, we have completed several agent-friendly feature enhancements including: the ability to define default values of Group Line Items, a new user-defined “Reply To” setting for system-generated emails, the renaming of BriteQuote’s “Get Credit” button, new print options for Supplemental Questions, and new customizable message pop-up boxes for Builder.

February 2012

Release Notes (Feb 15)

IWS released several new BriteCore features and fixes this week including: Disallowing External Payments for Policies in CP, Ability to Disable the ACH Option, and Application Form Number Line. Also included in this week's release notes is an update on the Data Warehouse and Custom Queries preview.

January 2012

Release Notes (Jan 25th)

There are several minor features and defects addressed in the this week’s release. Please review the notes in this section for more information regarding product enhancements that will be viewable this week to all clients.

Release Notes (Jan 10th)

Please read the BriteCore Release Notes for a full list of product enhancements. Included in this week’s release is the Persistent Builder. This is a mega-feature allows users to change a policy’s type without having to fully reconstruct the policy’s Builder information. When possible, the system copies line items (or line item equivalents) and other relevant information, such as limits, to the new policy type while adding and flagging line item changes. Persistent Builder also alerts users of line item conflicts, or mismatches. Note that Builder is now persisted by default. You will encounter the new Persistent Builder feature any time you’re working in the Policies module and you switch policy types. For detailed release notes on how to work with Persistent Builder, please see the Persistent Builder documentation.

Persistent Builder

Persistent Builder

Persistent Builder is a mega-feature that allows users to change a policy’s type without having to fully reconstruct the policy’s Builder information. When possible, the system copies line items (or line item equivalents) and relevant information such as limits to the new policy type. Persistent Builder also adds and flags any line item changes and alerts users of line item conflicts.

Builder is now persisted by default, so clients can expect to encounter this new feature any time they switch policy types from within the Policies module. This feature is enabled by a new check box labeled “Copy Builder Information.” This check box was added to the Policy Type pop-up box in Policies > Edit Policy Type and should be manually unchecked if users do NOT want BriteCore to copy the policy’s builder information.