IWS Release Notes - April 2014

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

April 30, 2014

Print Options for Supplemental Questions

Funded by Great Lakes Mutual

Great Lakes Mutual funded a change request that adds new functionality to the Print Options listed in Lines > Great Lakes Mutual funded a change request that adds new functionality to the Print Options listed in Lines > Supplemental Questions > Supplemental Question Groups. Starting tomorrow, Supplemental Question Group Names along with Supplemental Question Label(s) will print on all deliverables selected under Supplemental Question > Print Options.

Currently in BriteCore, when a print option is selected on a question group, the system will print the supplement question's Label(s) without printing the supplemental question's Group Name.

Additional Resources:

Adding and Printing Supplemental Question Groups

The instructions below explain how to add a Supplemental Question Group to BriteCore and print the group name, questions, and answers on deliverables.

  1. Go to BriteCore > Lines > Effective Date > Policy Types > Edit Policy Type > Edit Line Item > Supplemental Questions.
  2. Click the button labeled Add a Question Group.
  3. Fill in the prompts for Question Label and Question Input(s).
  4. Under the Print Options, select the deliverables to which you want to print.

Note: Click here for more information on how to add Supplemental Questions, Supplemental Question Groups, and Schedules to BriteCore.

Supplemental Questions.png

When the Declaration checkbox is selected under Print Options, BriteCore will print the Supplemental Question Group Name, Question Label, and answer on declarations as shown in the example image below. Note that Question Group Names are displayed in bold, and questions that belong to that group are indented. Questions outside of groups are left justified so users can tell which questions are part of a group and which are not.

Rating Information Supp Questions.png

April 24, 2014

Attachments Redesign

Funded by several BriteCore clients.

IWS is excited to announce that the redesigning of BriteCore’s Attachments module is complete and will be live in all client sites on Friday, April 25th. IWS has documented and demoed key changes made to the Attachments module. Please view and share this information with your staff prior to the release.


April 21, 2014

Defining BQ Policy Terms by Type

Funded by Bremen Mutual

IWS has added a new table to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote that allows carriers to control which policy terms are available for selection under each quotable policy type in the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal.

Initially populated by information added to the BriteCore > Policies > Terms table, this new table lets users open or limit BriteQuote policy terms by policy type so that agents can only quote lines of business against the policy terms available for the selected policy type.

As a result of this change, we have switched the order in which the policy type and policy term displays in BriteQuote. Previously, agents would define the Policy Term prior to selecting the Policy Type in BriteQuote. Now, agents will need to select the Policy Type first. Click here for example HTML messaging for the Agent Portal.

To Define Policy Terms by Type

Follow the instructions below to define BriteQuote policy terms by policy type:

  1. Go to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote and scroll down to Terms.
  2. Under the Terms section, select the terms you would like to open to quoting for each available policy type.
  3. When you are finished defining your terms, click Save.

Note: The BriteQuote Terms table will default to annual for all policy types if your company has opted to prohibit non-annual term lengths in BriteQuote.

BriteQuote Term Length Setting Renamed

During the process of adding the new Terms table to BriteCore, another setting labeled “Prohibit Non-Annual Term Lengths in BriteQuote” was repurposed and relabled as “Allow Custom Term Lengths in BriteQuote”. When selected, this setting gives agents the ability to select any term length for any quoteable policy type in BriteQuote.

Note: We have deselected this setting option for all companies who previously chose to prohibit non-annual term lengths in BriteQuote. Your system will not be affected by this name change. If you would like to update your default setting when this feature goes live, go to BriteCore > Settings > BriteQuote > Allow Custom Term Lengths in BriteQuote.

April 21, 2014

New Column Added to BriteCore's HSB Report

IWS has added a new column labeled “State” to all readable versions of the HSB report located in BriteCore > Policies > Processing > HSB. Carriers integrated with HSB generate and send these reports from BriteCore on a monthly basis.

To see the new column addition, view the example screenshots below or open one of the readable report files located in BriteCore > Policies > Processing > HSB.

New Report:
HSB Report NEW.png

Old Report:
HSB Report OLD.png

April 16, 2014

Progress Report on Knockout

Over the past several months, IWS has been in the process of redeveloping BriteCore’s underlying framework in order to provide clients with optimal viewing experiences across a wider range of devices.

We’ve been steadily updating all sites with the open-source Knockout technology to improve the navigation and formatting of BriteCore’s screens. As we continue to release new features in the system, you’ll begin seeing subtle changes on the BriteCore and BriteQuote interfaces. You may have already noticed our progress on the following screens:

  • BriteCore and BriteQuote Login
  • BriteCore and BriteQuote Welcome
  • BriteQuote Suspensions
  • Underwriting Rules
  • Attachments (Coming Soon)

April 15, 2014

New Auto-Responder from admin@britecore.com

Several companies have informed IWS that their agents have been sending emails to ​admin@britecore.com thinking that those emails are being sent to the insurance company. However, these messages are actually being sent to an unmonitored mailbox.

In an effort to help re-educate users and ensure emails are being sent to the appropriate recipient, IWS is going to automatically respond to users with the following message anytime a new email is sent to admin@britecore.com:

"This email is in response to a message sent to ​​admin@britecore.com. Messages sent to ​​admin@britecore.com are routed to an unmonitored mailbox and will not be routed to their intended recipient. If you are an agent sending a message to this email, please note this email address is NOT MONITORED BY THE COMPANY. Please email the company directly."

April 8, 2014

Updates to Auto-Committed Revisions

Based on client feedback on the BriteWiki forums, the system will no longer auto-commit revisions that are manually created by users in BriteCore. In certain scenarios, BriteCore will generate email notifications for these open revisions so users can review the revisions and commit or delete them as necessary. Visit BriteWiki for more information regarding BriteCore's auto-commit behavior.

Note: Users can view a full list of uncommitted policies at any time by running the Uncommitted Revisions report in Reports > Report List > Uncommitted Revisions.

April 8, 2014

New Submission Receipt for Agents

Please inform your agents of this change.

BriteCore will send electronic submission receipts to agents when policy changes or applications are successfully submitted from the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal. Agents can use these receipts to help manage and maintain their agency records.

While adding this feature to BriteCore, we updated the related system-generated administrative alert for "Application or Policy Change submitted from BriteQuote." Recipients of this alert can now view the name and email address of the agent who submitted the policy application or change.

Submission Details > Payment Receipt (Current Feature)

The first section of the Submission Details area controls who receives the receipt of payment once the policy has been issued in BriteCore. Please note that the system does not allow multiple payors to be added to the payment receipt fields, so agents should send emailed receipts to the primary payor on the account.

Submission Details - Payment Receipt.png

Submission Details > Submission Confirmation (New Feature)

Per community request in BriteIdeas, IWS has added a new submission confirmation section to the Agent Portal > Submission Details area in BriteQuote > Policy > Policy Setup > Submit > Submission Details. This is a new section that controls who receives confirmation when the new application or policy change is submitted successfully in BriteQuote. Agents should use this section in order to obtain submission receipts for their policies. Agents can use these receipts to manage and maintain their agency folders.

Submission Details - Agent Confirmation.png

Notes: If no information is provided by the agent, BriteCore will attempt to send the Submission Confirmation email to the agent’s email address listed in BriteCore > Contacts > Individual Contact > Notices > Email Address to Use (the box just below the checkboxes for Accept Policy Documents Electronically, Notify by Email All Overdue Invoices, and Direct Application Activity to Specified Email Addresses.

If no information is provided on the submit screen and no email is specified in BriteCore > Contacts > Individual Contact > Notices > Email Address to Use, then the email that is sent to the email addresses specified in the Admin Alerts will show No Information Provided where it would normally show the email address of the agent/agency. Also, no email will attempt to be sent to the agent/agency since no email address is available to use.

Contacts Notices Email Addresses.png

Updates to Admin Alerts for BriteQuote Submissions (New Feature)

During the process of adding the new submission field to BriteQuote, we updated the related system-generated admin alert for "Application or Policy Change submitted from BriteQuote" so that recipients of the alert could view the name and email address of the agent who submitted the application or policy change.

Admin Alert for Submissions.png

April 1, 2014

Insured Letter Now Available in BriteCore

Funded by Baldwin Mutual

Thanks to support from Baldwin Mutual, users now have the ability to create custom letters for insureds in BriteCore using the new Insured Letter located in Policies > Individual Policy > Custom Deliverable. The format and layout of the Insured letter is controlled by a new templating engine that has been implemented in BriteCore. When generating custom deliverables, users will be prompted to enter any input fields specified in the template. To view an example template, go to BriteCore > Settings > Deliverables > Custom Deliverables > Insured Letter > edit Insured Letter.

Generating a Custom Insured Letter

Follow the instructions below when you are ready to create a letter in BriteCore.

  1. Go to Policies > Individual Policy > Custom Deliverable.
  2. Select Insured Letter from the Custom Deliverable drop-down box.
  3. When prompted, input the Insured Letter information on the Required Input screen. Note: BriteCore will pre-fill some of this information for you, including the mailing address, regarding line, and salutation. Please double-check this information.
  4. Click Okay when you’re ready to generate the letter.

BriteCore will generate your custom deliverable and upload it to the policy’s Attachments screen with a status of To Be Determined. If this status is left unchanged, the system will print the deliverable on the following day.

Insured Letter in Attachments.png

Developing Your Own Custom Templates and Deliverables in BriteCore

This feature holds limitless possibilities for carriers interested in building their own custom templates and deliverables inside of BriteCore. Examples of custom deliverables include––but are not limited to––the following.

  1. changes in coverage limits
  2. changes in coverage limits and outbuilding exclusions
  3. requests for additional underwriting information
  4. responses to customer complaints

Advanced users can create custom templates for deliverables using the jinja2 templating language and all other users can fund the development of custom templates and deliverables in BriteIdeas. For more information regarding this feature and how it can be used within your company, please contact IWS via the OOPS! button.

Insured Letter Template.png

April 1, 2014

New System Generated Note

We’ve added a new system-generated note to BriteCore that tracks indirect updates to initial/recurring auto payment methods when there’s an expiration date change. Payment methods are updated indirectly when:

  • A user enters a new expiration date for an existing payment method while making a payment from the public payment gateway.
  • A user creates a duplicate payment method using a later expiration date than the record currently on file.

Note Indirectly Updating Payment Method.png

April 1, 2014

MCAS Report Update

IWS is updating the logic that produces the yearly MCAS report in BriteCore. Once these updates are completed, our team will begin testing the report using live client data. Around mid April, we will be ready to share the report test runs with filing clients. Please let IWS know via OOPS! if your company needs to file the MCAS report for 2013.

April 1, 2014

New Insured Phone Dynamic Text Tag

We've added a new dynamic text tag to BriteCore called {insured_phone}. This tag allows carriers to add an insured’s phone number to any user-defined text area on any deliverable located in BriteCore > Settings > Deliverables.

Sort Order of Insured Phones

When the {insured_phone} tag is in use, the system will display the first available phone number––that’s not defined as “work”––from the following ordered list of phone types. For instance, if the cell phone number and the home phone number are both available under the insured’s contact information, only the insured’s cell phone number will be displayed where {insured_phone} is in use.

  1. Cell
  2. Home
  3. Other
  4. Fax
  5. Work
New Insured Phone Settings

A new setting has been added to BriteCore that allows carriers to "Add the Insured’s Phone Number" to the header portion of all deliverables. This setting can be used in conjunction with the “Show Insured Address” setting in order to display one of the following combinations:

  1. Insured Name
  2. Insured Name and Address
  3. Insured Name and Phone Number
  4. Insured Name, Address, and Phone Number