IWS Release Notes - April 2015

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April 13, 2015

Premium Report Update

Funded by Union The Premium Written Over A Date Range report has been updated to utilize a more modern framework that allows for better error handling and accuracy. In addition to the new framework the report will also, point forward, exclude any policy with a status of Archived.

April 9, 2015

New Option for Note Alerts

Funded by Union

Note alerts now include an enhanced option to email the alert immediately in addition to the scheduled time. To utilize this new functionality, select Also email immediately in the note alert pop-up.

4.9.15 Release pic.png

These alerts can be set up using BriteCore’s Notes feature located in each Module by clicking the red exclamation point icon to make the note an alert.

April 7, 2015

Updated Filters for Notes

Funded by Baldwin and Bremen

The search filters on Notes tabs throughout BriteCore have been updated to better assist the user. In addition to updating the existing Show User Generated Notes Only filter, a new filter, Show Alerts Only, has been added.

The Show User Generated Notes Only filter will only display the notes that a user manually creates (by clicking New Note). Previously, this filter would display notes that were created by the system as a result of the user performing some action, e.g. committing a revision on a policy creates several notes under the user’s name.

The Show Alerts Only filter has been added and will show all notes that are currently setup to be alerts.

Notes Filters.png

NOTE: The Show User Generated Notes Only filter will only show manually generated notes point forward as a result of how this filter was originally designed compared to how it functions now.

New Options For Schedules

Funded by Baldwin and Bremen

A new option has been added that provides greater control over Schedules and when they are visible on the BriteQuote Rating tab. Located within the setup of an individual line item, the new setting, Show for Applications and Policies (not Quotes), is available and will keep the Schedule from appearing if the current status is Quote.


If the Quote is changed to an Application, the Schedule will automatically appear on the Rating tab and allow data input.

April 6, 2015

New Vendor Number for Contacts

Funded by Breman

A new Vendor Number field has been added to certain contact roles within the Contacts module. This new field is available for contacts with the roles of Attorney, Claims Adjuster, and Contractor and is a place to save an identification number for use in reports. Similar to the Agent Number' field, the Vendor Number will not populate to other modules or deliverables in BriteCore; its primary use is for further identification within reports.

Contacts VendorNumber.png

Rate Chain Sorting

To further increase the flexibility of Lines within BriteCore, a new sorting option is now available for rate chains. By dragging and dropping rate objects using the sorting icon, users can now update the order of the rate chain for a given line item.

RateChain SortingButton.png

Not all rate objects are allowed to be sorted given inherent rating structure. For example, Limit, Rate Categories, Minimum Premium, and Maximum Premium rate objects will always be sorted automatically and not editable.

It is possible to update existing line items using this sorting option, however, it is likely that the user will receive a warning that multiple policies will be uncommitted as a result. As such, this new functionality is primarily intended for new line items that are not yet associated with any policies.

New Declaration Setting for Displaying Items

Funded by Bremen Mutual

Located in the setup of individual line items, a new setting titled Do not display under Rating Information on the Declaration has been added. This new setting can be utilized for line items that do not have specific rating information associated with them and should not print under Rating Information on the Declaration page.

Dec Setting RatingInfo.png

Currently, if an item does not have any associated rating information, the item’s name will still print under Rating Information on the Declaration but no additional information will be included. This setting will keep the item’s name from appearing in the Rating Information section.

NOTE: This setting also controls the display on the Quote Summary and Application.

April 1, 2015

Reinsurance Notification

Funded by Halifax Mutual

Clients may now generate notifications based on custom thresholds set for individual reinsurance contracts. Several new options have been added and are defined below.

New Options

  • Losses Incurred Threshold- This new field is available for each Per Risk XL Reinsurance Contract. The amount entered into this field should correlate directly with the retention for the individual reinsurance contract. This amount will be used in calculations for individual claims when determining email notification.
    • NOTE: This field utilizes the > operator (not >=). This means if the threshold is set at $25,000 and losses incurred = $25,000, no email is sent. If losses incurred = $25,000.01 (or more), an email is sent.
    • For more information on setting up Reinsurance Contracts in BriteCore, click here.
  • Notice of Property Reinsurance Loss - This new custom deliverable can be manually generated from an individual claim by using the Custom Deliverable button. Once generated, this deliverable is accessible in the Attachments tab of that claim.
  • Reinsurance Per Risk XL Threshold Reached - This new Administrative Alert is triggered when total losses incurred for an individual claim exceed the Losses Incurred Threshold that is set for the assigned Reinsurance Contract.
  • Monitored for Reinsurance - This new setting is available on individual claims. Users will not see this setting unless a Reinsurance Contract is assigned to the claim. By default, this setting is unchecked and can either be checked manually or automatically by BriteCore. This setting is automatically checked when total losses incurred for an individual claim exceed the Losses Incurred Threshold.
    • While this setting is checked (either manually or automatically), an email will be sent to the above Administrative Alert anytime the claim’s losses incurred amount or status is changed. If this setting is manually unchecked, no additional emails will be sent regarding this claim.
    • The emails are intended to be informative and suggest a review of the claim. Once the claim has been reviewed, users can determine if it is necessary to generate the Notice of Property Reinsurance Loss.

Generating the Notice of Property Reinsurance Loss

As described above, this deliverable is generated on an individual claim by using the Custom Deliverable button. Once selected, the user will receive a pop-up that requires input. This video describes how to generate this deliverable.