IWS Release Notes - August 2013

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

August 27, 2013

Coverage Limits Now Display in Claims Coverage Areas

BriteCore now displays coverage limits on coverages filed against throughout the claims module. These coverages are also being sorted in the same order they appear in Policies > Builder.

The addition of the coverage limit information and the new sort order of coverages in Claims > Information > Coverages Filed Against and in Claims > Accounting > Transactions > Payments helps clients on two major fronts:

  1. Determine which coverages should be selected from the Claims > Information > Coverages Filed Against when there are multiples of the same coverage type listed on the policy (e.g., Coverage E)
  2. Apply a payment to the correct coverage during the claims payment process when there are multiples of the same coverage type listed on the policy (e.g., Coverage E)

Now, when users file a claim in BriteCore, they will be able to view the coverage limits under the Coverages Filed Against tree located in Claims > Information > Coverages Filed Against. Click the example image below to view a side-by-side screenshot of Coverages Filed Against and Policies > Builder in your browser.

NEW Coverages Filed Against w Limits.png

Users can see these same coverage limits on the claims Payment screen located in Claims > Accounting > Transactions > Payments. Prior to this change, it was difficult for users to determine which coverage a payment should be applied to if there were multiples of the same coverage type on the policy (e.g., Coverage E). Click on the example image below to view the new Claims > Payment screen in your browser.

Claims Transactions Payments.png

August 19, 2013

New Interface Changes

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping BriteCore’s technology up-to-date, IWS is in the process of redeveloping BriteCore’s underlying framework to provide clients with optimal viewing experiences across a wider range of devices.

We're currently working with the open-source Knockout to revamp the way your site is navigated and displayed. This technology allows us to build a viewing experience that works seamlessly across multiple screen types while improving the site's core layout and navigational elements.

As we continue updating each of the main screens, you'll be able to use the "tab" and "enter" keys to move through the site. This functionality has already been developed for the Sign In and Welcome screens in both BriteCore and BritQuote.

Summary of Changes

  • Screens resize to fit viewing device
  • Screens display higher color contrast
  • Font sizes are easier to read
  • Graphics load faster
  • Color scheme is optimized for the color blind
  • Keyboard navigation is more convenient and efficient
  • Added Welcome screens to dashboards
  • Added footer links for BriteCore community tools
  • Added JavaScript tests expanding test coverage


New Screen Previews

August 12, 2013

New County Specification Tool

IWS has reworked BriteCore's Business Locations to enable carriers to customize their own county specifications using the County Specification tool located in Settings > System Wide > Business Locations. This release largely affects clients who use BriteCore's Category Type > Location Code (in Lines) to rate policies by county. However, all clients will be able to use this tool to capture county specifications without that specification necessarily affecting rating.

Note: Please contact IWS before making any changes to your Lines.


The purpose of the County Specifications tool is to allow carriers to apply more than one rate to a specific county by dividing the county into separate ratable subdivisions. This means companies who write business on the coast and rate by county can sub-divide their counties into areas such as "beach" or "non-beach" in order to apply different rates to the different location types within the county. This gives carriers more flexibility and control over county/area rates.

Summary of Changes

Below is a list of major changes associated with this request.

  • Removed Cities area from Settings - The "Cities" area has been removed from Settings > Business Locations because it was redundant and unnecessary. Cities are now pulled from the BriteCore geography table which is populated according to data files we receive from zip-code.com.
  • Renamed Townships/Municipalities - The "Townships/Municipalities" box located in Settings > Business Locations has been renamed "County Specifications". Carriers can now use this area to customize their own County Specifications.
  • Added Functionality for County Specifications- Counties and County Specifications carry over to the Category Type > Location Code (in Lines) so carriers can use them to custom define rates for counties and/or county specifications.
  • Renamed the Property > Specify Box - The "Specify" drop-down box located in Policies > Revisions > Property has been renamed County Specification. All custom created County Specification(s) associated with the selected county are available for selection from this drop-down box. If no specifications have been made for the selected county, this box will be hidden.


View the documentation links below for more information on how to set up and use County Specifications in BriteCore.

Additional Resources

Below are links to the BriteIdeas > County Specifications change request and software requirement specifications.

August 7, 2013

BriteCore Interface Changes Underway

IWS is proud to announce that we are in the process of redeveloping BriteCore's underlying framework in order to provide clients with optimal viewing experiences across a wider range of devices. Over the next couple of years, our user interface will be fitted with responsive design, making us one of the first vendors in the industry to utilize this emerging technology.

Keeping BriteCore's Technology Up-to-Date

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping BriteCore's underlying technology current, IWS is working with the open-source Knockout to revamp the way your site is displayed. Knockout allows us to build a viewing experience that works seamlessly across multiple screen types with BriteCore. This means the claims adjuster in the field with a tablet, the mutual employee at her desk, and the agent with a smart phone will all be able to access and use BriteCore on their own preferred viewing device with zero drop in quality or functionality.

Improving the BriteCore User Experience

Though most of the planned changes are subtle, the user experience will be enhanced in several ways. You and your staff can look forward to easier-to-read font sizes, color schemes optimized for the color blind, higher contrasts, faster-loading graphics, and more efficient keyboard navigation. These changes also cater to future support across a greater number of browsers such as IE10.

Previewing the New Interface Changes

Click on the links below to preview the new interface changes. These changes will be visible in all BriteCore sites once the new framework goes live.

August 5, 2013

New Setting: Allow Multiple Sublines

We've added a new setting to the Lines module that gives carriers the ability to allow or disallow multiple sublines in Builder. When the option to allow multiple sublines is selected, users are able to add that subline to a property more than once in Builder. However, if the setting is not selected, the system prevents sublines from being added multiple times.

Before this setting was in place, all sublines could be added to Builder more than once. This meant agents could add multiple liability or property sublines that would cause the system to stack limits. With the new setting in place, carriers can choose whether or not specific sublines can be added to Builder multiples times.

By default, this setting option is set to disallow multiple sublines. This behavior differs from the current behavior. If there is a subline you offer that needs to be set to Allow Multiple Sublines, please contact IWS so our Content Analysts can discuss this setting with you and arrange for it to be turned on.

Allow Mult of Subline.png