IWS Release Notes - August 2015

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August 27, 2015

Updated Daily Cash Receipt Page - PR3264 Funded by Bremen Farmers Mutual

Several updates have been made to the Daily Cash Receipt page to enhance the functionality and ease of use for users.

DCR Page.jpg

Outlined below are enhancements users can expect:

  • The Tab key will navigate between all inputs, including the Add button.
  • Using the keyboard's Enter key on the Add button will execute the function and proceed with processing the payment; no mouse click is needed.
  • When entering check payments, the cursor will reset to the Amount field once a payment is entered.
  • The Payor field will default to the Bill Whom of the current policy term.
  • A non-editable Named Insured field has been added and will automatically populate with the Primary Named Insured for the most recently entered policy.
  • The order of the input fields has been updated to better follow the workflow progression.
  • When a policy has a status of Canceled, Expired, or Cancellation Pending a flag will appear notifying the user. Existing functionality for entering payments on these policies has not changed - the flag is only intended to notify the user.

DCR Flag.png

  • In addition to the Bill To appearing on invoices, the primary named insured will appear next to the heading NI. NOTE: The spacing and address location on the invoice coupon has not changed.

Invoice Coupon.jpg

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BriteData Updates: PR3305
New Rule
A new rule has been added that enhances the ability of users to filter results for BriteData reports. Located on the Define Rules for your Data tab, the new option is titled Mapped Column.

Mapped Column.png

To use this rule, select the column that you would like to map. In the example above, EffDateMonth is the selected column. The Map value is the value that would, by default, be returned by the chosen column and the to value is the value you would like returned instead.

In the above example, 01 was entered for the Map value and Jan was entered for the to value. Once these values are entered, click Add Mapping. This will add the mapping to the Current Mapping Rules section. To remove a mapping, click the red X.

The Default unmatched value field is available for use and will populate the report with the value entered if a mapped value is not found.

New Data Choice
A new option is available for selection when building BriteData reports. The Data Choice Policy Cancellation Reason will pull the reason for cancellation for a particular policy.

August 13, 2015

BriteData Updates: PR3386
New options are available in BriteData that allow users to export reports via various methods. Users can choose from Email and FTP for the export Method and Automatic or Manual for the processing type.

BD ExportMethods.png

What Users Can Expect Export Method

  • Email: When the export Method is Email, the report will be emailed to all addresses added to the Email field when the report is complete.
  • FTP: When the export Method is FTP, the report will be uploaded to the designated FTP server when the report is complete.

Processing Type

  • Export Queue: With this option, the report will be added to the new Export queue (Reports > Export) upon completion and be available for review prior to being exported. Once reviewed the report can be exported manually via the chosen Export Method.
  • Export Automatically: With this option, the report will be automatically exported upon completion via the chosen Export Method.

BD ExportQueue.png

This update is specifically designed for use with vendors, however, these new options can also be utilized with any existing report.

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