IWS Release Notes - December 2013

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

December 18, 2013

Added "State" Column to Reports

Funded by Municipal Mutual Insurance Company

There was a discussion at this year’s users conference that encouraged IWS to add the Line of Business > State column to the following reports in BriteCore. The addition of this column allows clients to view and filter information by state as needed. The new state column has been added to the following reports:

  • Agent Commission Report
    • added to “Policies by Agent Producer” tab
    • added to “Totals by Policy Type” tab
  • Advance Premium
    • added to all tabs
  • Claim Payments
    • added to “Schedule” tabs
    • added to “Totals” tab
  • Losses Incurred
    • added to all tabs
  • Open Loss Report
    • added to all tabs
  • Payments Received
    • added to all tabs
  • Payoff Amounts
    • added to all tabs
  • Paid Premium & Fees
    • added to all tabs
  • Premium Running
    • added to all tabs
  • Premium Written Earned & Unearned
    • added to “Policy Schedule” tab
    • added to “Totals by Policy Type” tab
  • Premium Written Over a Date Range
    • added to “Premium Written” tab

December 17, 2013

Payment Method Updates for Authorize.Net

For the last couple of months, IWS has been working on two high priority tickets regarding payment processing through Authorize.net. We're pleased to announce that the issues reported in these tickets have been resolved and are scheduled to go out during tonight's release.

  1. Ticket 18908 - Fixes the Authorize.net duplicate payment check so that users no longer experience duplicate payment errors when payments are entered on two different policies for the same amount.
  2. Ticket 18051 - Ensures edits made to the expiration date of a credit card get updated on the Authorize.Net side.

Due to the complex nature of this project as it related to payments, we were deliberate and conscientious about the methods we used to research, plan, test, and deploy solutions. Thank you for your patience while we worked to conclude these tickets and improve the stability and reliability of your systems.

Note: These changes do not affect clients who are using National Merchant Alliance (NMA) to process payments.

December 16, 2013

Changing the Naming Convention for BriteQuote Properties

Mutual of Wausau funded the development of a new setting option in BriteCore that allows carriers to change the default naming convention for properties located inside the Risks screen of the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal.

Currently in BriteQuote, all properties are named using the first line of the property's address. This differs from BriteCore where––by default––all properties are named according to the order in which they're added to the system (e.g., Property 1, Property 2, Property 3, etc).

For clients who prefer to apply BriteCore's naming convention to properties in the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal, a new setting option to "Do not name property by address" has been added to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options. When this option is selected, properties are named according to the order in which they're added to BriteQuote (e.g., Property 1, Property 2, Property 3, etc). One advantage to using this naming convention is that it helps users to quickly and easily identify which location is primary, secondary, or tertiary when multiple properties have been added to an account.

Do Not Name Prop by Address.png

December 11, 2013

Update on BriteCore's Underwriting Rules

We're continuing to make progress on BriteCore's Underwriting Rules––a feature set that will allow clients to define advanced underwriting guidelines based on category selections. We'll send documentation out to all clients once this feature set is complete. However, you can view our list of recent advancements below.

  • Updated Underwriting Rules to evaluate on renewal
  • Added a new flag to the Underwriting Rules so they can be set to only trigger on renewal
  • Sped up the initial page load

December 10, 2013

Updated Sort Order of Line Items

Previously in BriteCore, line items were displayed in Builder by the order in which they were added to a policy or property via the “Add Line Item” pop-up. We’ve redesigned this functionality so that line items appear in the same order in which they are set up and displayed in Lines.

From this point forward, when users add line items to BriteCore via the “Add Line Item” pop-up, the system will automatically sort the line items dynamically––in order of Lines setup––without users having to manually refresh their screens.

Line Item Order.png

December 5, 2013

New Data Entry Requirements for Adding New Contacts

Additional data entry requirements can now be set on the "New Contact" pop-up fields in BriteCore and BriteQuote. This means carriers can specify which additional fields are required for creating new contacts and which are not.

The new data entry requirements can be defined separately for BriteCore and BriteQuote and can be optionally applied to the following data entry fields: Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Phone Number.

Note: The following data entry fields are already required when users add new contacts to BriteCore or BriteQuote and therefore cannot be optionally defined in Contacts: Name, Address, City, Zip, State/Province.

Setting Up Data Entry Requirements

To set additional requirements on the entry of new contacts in BriteCore or BriteQuote, go to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > Contacts > Contact Pop-Up and select the checkbox next to each data entry item you want to require.

Optionally Required Fields.png

Note: BriteCore will not allow users to close the "New Contact" pop-up box until all required fields have been properly completed. If a users tries to submit an incomplete contact form, the system will flag the fields that require additional input in red. This helps the user to quickly and easily identify which additional fields are necessary for creating the new contact and which are not.

Contact Popup Required Fields.png

December 5, 2013

Improving Custom Deliverables

Funded by Baldwin Mutual

Custom Deliverables can now be printed automatically with Initial and Renewal Decs. Previously in BriteCore, users would have to manually print a custom deliverable from within a policy. However, users can now select the "Print with Initial/Renewal Declarations" option in order to print the Custom Deliverable automatically with all New and Renewal Decs.

My Custom Deliverable.png

Additionally, Custom Deliverables are now capable of complete customization beyond simple text area changes, using the new "Built in HTML/CSS" checkbox. Use of this setting option is intended for technical users and allows clients to build custom deliverables using HTML and CSS.

Built in HTML CSS.png

This feature also allows clients to place "smart data" in the HTML and CSS forms using the Jinja2 Templating Language, making it an even more powerful customization tool.

Using Custom Deliverables

The above feature was built in order to allow Baldwin Mutual to automatically generate a state-mandated form that goes out with all New and Renewal Decs for certain lines of business, but providing state-mandated pre-filled forms is only one of many potential uses for this new feature. Other possibilities include automatic generation of the following:

  • Underwriting Review Letter every 3 years from policy's inception date
  • Policyholder Appreciation Letter for insureds who have been loyal to your company for x number of years
  • Policy Change Letter that alerts the Policyholder to changes in the policy such as deductible or rate increases

Other enhancements to this feature are possible if there is community support or funded initiatives including:

  • Time-based triggers for marketing letters (holidays/special events)
  • Claims-based triggers
  • Providing different data to the template

Currently, a sample of the data that is provided and the functions that retrieve that data are available on the BriteWiki.

Video Tutorial

For more information on how this functionality works in BriteCore, view the Custom Deliverables video tutorial below. For the best quality viewing experience, set your YouTube screen to 720p and view the tutorial in full screen mode. {{#ev:youtube|doV551-jE0c|400|left|Custom Deliverables Video Tutorial!}}

December 2, 2013

Setting Non-Pay Renewal Fees to $0.00

Funded by Madison Mutual

A new setting option has been added to BriteCore that allows carriers to set non-pay renewal fees to $0.00 in order to prevent the system from issuing non-pay fees on renewal billing statements. When this setting is enabled and a renewal policy enters non-pay cancellation pending status, a record for $0.00 will appear in the policy’s Account History table and a $0.00 non-pay fee will be assessed. If the renewal invoice is not paid on time, the policy will cancel on the invoice cancel date.

To Set Your Renewal Fees to $0.00

Go to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Billing and select the checkbox next to “Charge $0.00 on Non-Pays for Renewal Invoices”.

Note: This setting option only applies to renewal invoices. Fees for initial, endorsement (amended), installment, and equity invoices will not be affected. Such fees can be controlled by the Non-Pay Fee(s) setting located in BriteCore > Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Non-Pay > Fees.

Nonpay Renewal Fees.png