IWS Release Notes - February 2016

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February 29, 2016

Preview for Custom Deliverable - PR3704 Previously, when generating a Custom Deliverable for a policy or claim, users would generate the deliverable then review it in Attachments. With this change users may now preview the deliverable. Within the Custom Deliverable popup, click the new Preview link to review the Custom Deliverable prior to generating it.

Custom Deliverable Preview.png

A preview of the deliverable will open in a new browser tab and the deliverable will not be saved in Attachments. If the deliverable is as needed, the user can proceed with generating the Custom Deliverable by selecting Done.

February 24, 2016

Renewal Reminder Notice and Setting - PR3773 For renewals, a new stock deliverable is available in Settings > Deliverables > Mass Deliverables. The Reminder Notice - Renewal Billing Offer is generated only when the new setting below is selected.

Reminder Notice.jpg

The new deliverable replaces the Notice of Cancellation, Non-Payment of Premium deliverable for renewals. It has specific language that intentionally omits the word Cancellation, which some carriers are not allowed to include on this document.

If you intend to utilize this new setting/deliverable, you will need to customize the deliverable in Settings > Deliverables > Mass Deliverables and ensure the new setting is enabled.

Updated Format for Currency Fields - PR3823 On the secure checkout page where users submit electronic payments, BriteCore assumes a decimal value would be entered for the Amount of Payment field. The field has been updated to no longer make that assumption. For example, currently if a user enters “55” then “0.55” displays. With this change, if “55” is entered then “55.00” displays.

Currency Input.png

Since this change assumes no decimal value will be entered by the user then the user must add a decimal when necessary. Nonetheless, the field will continue to pre-populate with the appropriate amount due when a policy is entered. Only when a user manually enters an amount will the field behave in the new way described above.

February 1, 2016

Customized Contact Fields - PR3500 Custom tags can now be added to the New Contact popup in order to gather more information. In order to add a custom tag to the New Contact popup, you must select two checkboxes: the checkbox in the Required column and the checkbox next to Contacts in the What can be tagged? column.


Once this is setup, all New Contact popups will include an input field for the appropriate custom tag.

New Contact.png

The data entered in the new field will be saved as custom tag data for the designated contact and can be viewed and edited in BriteCore > Contacts. You may also run reports against the custom tags using BriteData.

New Setting for Contact Suggestions in BriteQuote - PR3626

For an efficient experience when entering contacts, BriteCore suggests contacts who exist in the Contacts module. This limits the creation of duplicate contacts. Currently for BriteQuote, suggestions are made only if the logged-in agent has previously entered the contact.


A new database setting will expand this functionality by providing suggestions for contacts who are associated with an entire agency rather than just an agent. That is, a suggestion will occur if any agent within the agency has created the contact. In this way, a contact is shared agency-wide.

If you would like this setting to be turned on for your site, please submit an OOPS! ticket requesting the allow-agents-to-view-agency-contacts settings change.