IWS Release Notes - January 2014

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

January 28, 2014

Adding Historical Claims Data to BriteCore

Eastern Mutual Insurance, Madison Mutual Insurance, and Leatherstocking Insurance have all funded a BriteIdeas change request that allows carriers to report historical claims data through BriteCore when original policy and line item information is not in the system (e.g., policy was inforce prior to the company’s first Lines Effective Date). This change request introduces users to the following new Historical Claims features in BriteCore:

Additional Resources

January 27, 2014

New Email Notification for BriteQuote > Property > Photo Uploads

CFM funded a change request that requires email notifications to be sent to underwriters when photos are uploaded to the BriteQuote > Property > Risks tab on submitted quotes. These notifications are currently sent to specified recipients located in BriteCore > Settings > Admin Alerts > Attachment(s) or Photo(s) Uploaded to Submitted Application.

Note: This admin alert previously only sent email notifications when attachments were uploaded to submitted apps. The alert has since been modified to include notifications for property > photo uploads. If you’d like to re-configure your setting options for either of these two admin alerts, go to BriteCore > Settings > Admin Alerts and edit the open text field labeled Attachments(s) or Photo(s) Uploaded to Submitted Application.

BQ Admin Alert.png

January 27, 2014

Added Fields to Policy XML Files

We've updated the NxTech Policy XML schema in BriteCore. The following fields now appear in the XML file which can be generated by clicking on the "Generate XML" button in BriteCore > Policies > Individual Policy.

  • Primary Carrier
  • Agency and Producer Numbers
  • Bill Type
  • Date of Birth (Insureds Only)
  • Social Security Number (Insureds Only)
  • Co-Insured
  • Loan Number

January 22, 2014

BriteCore Now Integrated with Google Drive

BriteCore is now integrated with Google Drive, a file hosting service that provides secure cloud storage and automated file synchronization. When installed properly, clients can use Google Drive to quickly and easily upload scanned policy documents to BriteCore.

Integrating Google Drive

To sync policy documents to BriteCore, carriers need to setup and install Google Drive on their computers. Once the setup is complete, policy documents can be uploaded using Google Drive’s drag and drop functionality.

Google Drive Interface.png

January 13, 2014

Scheduled Maintenance

IWS has scheduled system maintenance for the evening of January 16, 2014 starting at 5pm CST. All sites will be temporarily unavailable while we perform upgrades to our client search indexes. This will be followed by our regularly scheduled nightly processing maintenance:

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST - Upgrades to client search indexes begin
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM CST - Releases are pushed live and servers are reset
12:00 AM - 5:00 AM CST - Daycron begins and backup activity occurs

IWS tries to perform all maintenance work at a time that's convenient for clients. In general, this process begins at 8pm CST and ends at 5am CST. We strongly encourage you to avoid accessing or making changes to your site during scheduled maintenance hours. Attempting to make changes during that time may result in loss of unsaved work.

January 9, 2014

Filtering Loss Histories on Renewals

Funded by Friends Cove

Currently in BriteCore, carriers can set up claims surcharges as line items inside the Lines module so that the surcharge is hidden or applied to policies when “more/less” than X number of claims have been filed within the last X years.

Friends Cove has funded a change request to expand this functionality so that line items like the Claims Surcharge have the capability to filter claims by loss date for renewal policies. This means surcharges can potentially be applied differently to new and renewal business.

For example, companies who want to implement a new Claims Surcharge for the first time can require the system to consider full loss histories on new business and partial loss histories (filtered after a specified target date) on renewal business...read more

Claims Surcharge Line Item.png

January 8, 2014

ISO A-PLUS Interface Now Available

A review step has been added to BriteCore’s automatic process for ISO A-PLUS reporting. This step allows carriers to check monthly ISO reports for accuracy before forwarding them on to ISO.

To assist with this process, IWS has built a new ISO A-PLUS interface inside of BriteCore > Policies > Processing. Starting in February, clients who are integrated with ISO A-PLUS will use this interface to generate, review, and send monthly reports to ISO. Please see the BriteWiki article on Processing ISO A-PLUS Reports for information on how to review and send your monthly reports to ISO.

ISO A PLUS Reporting.png

January 7, 2014

Updates to Reports

We've made updates to two of BriteCore's standardized reports––the Claims Payments report and the Open Loss report. These updates include the following new tab and column additions:

Claims Payments

Open Loss

January 6, 2014

New ISO A-PLUS Interface and Review Process

IWS is in the process of adding a review step to BriteCore’s automatic process for ISO A-PLUS reporting. When completed, this step will allow carriers to check monthly ISO reports for accuracy before forwarding them on to ISO.

In order to assist with this process, IWS has built a new interface for ISO A-PLUS inside of BriteCore > Policies > Processing. This interface will be available to all clients around the end of January. In February, clients who are integrated with ISO will use this interface to generate, review, and send their monthly reports to ISO. Please see the Processing ISO A-PLUS Reports for more details.

In addition to this update, we’ve made several key improvements to the data being sent to ISO. These improvements are focused on increasing the accuracy and integrity of the system’s data and will be released live to all clients tonight. Please note that these improvements will not be accompanied by any visible interface changes.

January 6, 2014

NxTech AL-3 Codes Moved to Vendor Tags

IWS has recently moved all NxTech data located in Settings > Vendors > NxTech > Custom Data to BriteCore’s Vendor Tag screen. Migrating this information to vendor tags has allowed us to resolve client-reported issues while making the NxTech AL-3 coding system more expandable for the future.

Even though IWS has successfully migrated all NxTech data over to vendor tags for all clients, we strongly encourage our clients to double-check their AL-3 codes for accuracy. Click here for more information on how to view and change NxTech AL-3 codes in BriteCore.

NxTech Vendor Tag Screen.png