IWS Release Notes - January 2016

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January 26, 2016

New Description Field for Non-Renewals - PR3752 A new Description field has been added to the Renewal Status popup that allows users to add additional information when Non-Renewal is selected.

Non Renew.png

Users may type in this field to capture additional information related to the non-renewal. The typed description can then be added to the Notice of Non-Renewal deliverable, or any deliverable, via the {nonrenew_description} html tag. In Settings > Deliverables add the {nonrenew_description} tag to any deliverable and the text entered in the Description field will populate to the designated area on the deliverable.

Dynamic Text Options.png

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New Setting for Underwriting Cancellations - PR3746

A new setting provides greater control over underwriting cancellations on new business and appears in Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Cancellation.

PolicyLife Cancellation.png

For new business, users can establish a separate timeline for underwriting cancellations. Only new business that falls within the defined parameters will be subject to the new timeline. New business that falls outside the parameters and all renewal business will follow the already existing Length (In Days) of Cancellation Pending Notice setting (in the above example, 20 days).

Example: New policy is effective 2/1/16 and the above parameters are defined. If this policy is put into Cancellation Pending for underwriting reasons on or prior to 2/16/16 (15 days), the policy will cancel 7 days from the date it is put into Cancellation Pending. If Cancellation Pending occurs after 2/16/16, the policy will cancel 20 days from the date it is put into Cancellation Pending.

PolicyLife Cancellation.png

January 6, 2016

New Forms Setting - PR3683

A new setting has been added to a line item’s setup that allows further control over form printing. When a line item has the Prints Only when this Item's Premium is greater than $0 selected the form will print only when the premium of the item is greater than $0.

Form Printing Options.png

This new setting takes precedence over the following two form printing settings: Always Print on Renewal and Document Printing Depends on Selected Category Values.

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