IWS Release Notes - July 2015

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July 30, 2015

Automated Payments Form Reminder

Funded by CFM

This new setting is designed to compliment the existing setting for the Automated Payments Enrollment Form located in Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Payment > Other. For clients who utilize this form, the new setting will be available in the Policy Lifecycle under Billing > Billing Schedules.

BQReminder AutoPayForm.png

When selected, BriteQuote users will receive a popup reminding them to fill out the form prior to submitting the application. The popup will only generate on the Billing tab when the user selects a billing schedule which has this setting selected.

New Setting for Sublines

Funded by Farmers Fire

IWS has added a new setting to Lines that allows various sublines to be mandatory for certain policy types. Located in the setup of individual sublines, users can now select if the subline is optional, default, or mandatory.

Create SubLine.png

For the subline to be optional, leave the setting unchecked. To utilize the default or mandatory options, check the setting and select the appropriate option from the dropdown.

July 27, 2015

Agent Email Copy

Funded by United Frontier

To assist with agent communications, IWS has added a new setting that allows carriers to receive a copy of individual emails sent to agents. Located in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Receive Copy of Delivearble Emails Sent to Agents, when selected, all designated emails will receive a copy of email communications sent to agents that have policy or claim documents attached.

Other emails sent to agents, including Administrative Alerts, are not included in this setting since they are controlled elsewhere in BriteCore.

Improved Credit Report

Funded by Inland and Safe, Panhandle, and Bremen Farmers Mutual

The credit report that is currently available in BriteCore is a summary of the information that is provided by iiX and was the available solution at the time of integration with iiX. Since the time of the original integration iiX has developed another solution that BriteCore is now taking advantage of. The new report that is provided will be a full PDF report and contain all information provided by iiX.

The procedure for pulling credit reports for contacts has not changed and the score will continue to be displayed in the same manner. The change that users will see is the report itself, which is accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass next to a score.

July 20, 2015

Enhanced Permissions

Funded by Bremen Farmers Mutual

The existing Permissions framework in BriteCore has been expanded and improved to accommodate greater flexibility and customization for individual clients. The existing interface for Permissions, located at Settings > System Wide > Permissions, has been replaced and all existing Permissions have been migrated to the new framework.

Permissions are now defined by allowing or denying access to certain URLs within BriteCore and BriteQuote. Since each page within BriteCore and BriteQuote has a unique URL, clients can control access to every page for every user using Role Based Permissions.

In addition to URL based restrictions, IWS has also added infrastructure to restrict various screen elements located on individual pages. This means you have the ability to restrict certain individual buttons on a page but allow access to the page itself.

Updating and Adding Permissions

Similar to Underwriting Rules for Lines, this page is currently only available for IWS staff. Since the existing Permissions setup will be migrated to the new infrastructure, all existing restrictions will be retained and the current user experience will remain the same.

If modifications are needed to the existing Permissions setup, please submit an OOPS! ticket detailing the changes being requested. If you would like to set up new Permissions, please also submit an OOPS! ticket detailing the changes being requested and IWS will review the request and work with you to ensure proper setup.

Click here for examples.

Additional Updates


With the enhancements to Permissions, several existing settings have been migrated to Permissions so that all permission-related settings are centrally located. The below settings are now controlled with Permissions and no longer have individual interface elements:

  • Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options > Quote/Submit Policy Changes
  • Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options > Create Claims
  • Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options > Disable Sections in BriteQuote
  • Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Payment > Show Sweep Payment Report

Client specific selections for these settings will be retained with the migration.


In addition to providing greater control over the functionality that is available for BriteQuote users, this enhancement also gives users the ability to select the associated agent or agency if more than one exists. This update will apply to clients who choose to associate a single agent with more than one agency or those clients who allow agencies to create quotes when agents are assigned to policies.

A new field has been added to the Insureds tab in BriteQuote that will only appear if the logged in user’s role does not match the role designated as being assigned to policies AND there is more than one option for whom the policy should be assigned to.

This means if you assign agents to policies and an agency logs in and creates a quote, the agency will need to select the appropriate agent to whom the quote should be assigned if there is more than one agent associated with the agency. The opposite is also true; if you assign agencies to policies and an agent logs in, the agent will need to select the appropriate agency to whom the quote should be assigned if there is more than one agency associated with the agent.

If multiple relationships among agents or agencies do not exist or if the logged in user’s role matches the role designated as being assigned to policies, this new field will not appear and users will not experience any change to functionality.

Agency Selection BQ.jpg

July 15, 2015

Improved Credits On Canceled Policies Report

IWS has updated the Credits on Canceled Policies report and it is now fully customizable through the BriteData report wizard. The new report is located under the Custom Reports heading in Reports > Report List and has replaced the previous version that was located under the Billing heading.

Custom Start Date for BriteData Reports

A new option has been added to all BriteData reports that will allow users to define a Custom Start Date. Located on the Define Your Report tab, the date entered will be the default start date for that particular BriteData report and the user will only be required to enter an end date when running the report.

This new field is useful for reports that require a constant start date, such as the Payoff Amounts report, and is currently intended for use with reports that require date ranges. Additional information is available by clicking the question mark icon next to Custom Start Date.

CustomStartDate BD.jpg

July 08, 2015

New Payoff Amounts Report

With the availability of accounting data in BriteData, IWS has updated the Payoff Amounts report and it is now fully customizable through the BriteData report wizard. The new report is located under the Custom Reports heading in Reports > Report List and has replaced the previous version that was located under the Audits heading.

In order to receive accurate data with this report it must be run with a date range that includes all historical records. This means the Start Date for the date range must be 2010-01-01. The End Date will be the month-end date for the month being requested.

July 01, 2015

Builder Enhancements

Funded by Bremen Farmers Mutual

IWS continues to improve the functionality and usability of Builder. This update is specifically intended to more intelligently determine the user’s available options in Builder. Logic has been added that automatically hides the green plus when no sublines or line items are available to be added to a policy.

If sublines or line items become available, as a result of removing or updating applicable options, the green plus will reappear.


Currently in Builder, the green plus will show on the interface at all times and for all options - as in this example.

With this enhancement, and using the same example, all available Line Items for the Policy Wide section and Liability Sublines have been exhausted so the green plus is hidden for those options. There are still Line Items available for the Homeowner Liability subline so the green plus is still available for that option.