IWS Release Notes - June 2015

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June 26, 2015

Builder Enhancements

Funded by Bremen Farmers Mutual

IWS continues to improve the functionality and usability of Builder. This update is specifically intended to more intelligently determine the user’s available options in Builder. Logic has been added that automatically hides the green plus when no sublines or line items are available to be added to a policy.

If sublines or line items become available, as a result of removing or updating applicable options, the green plus will reappear.


Currently in Builder, the green plus will show on the interface at all times and for all options - as in this example.

With this enhancement, and using the same example, all available Line Items for the Policy Wide section and Liability Sublines have been exhausted so the green plus is hidden for those options. There are still Line Items available for the Homeowner Liability subline so the green plus is still available for that option.

June 24, 2015

New Setting for Declarations Page

Funded by Bremen Farmers Mutual

A new setting has been added to Settings > Deliverables > Stock Deliverables > Declaration > Declaration Section > Policy Type that allows clients to break out all Policy Wide coverages into their own section on the Declarations page.


Currently these coverages are grouped with the property on the Declarations page instead of being separated with a section header. When this setting is turned on a new section header titled Applies To Entire Policy Unless Otherwise Noted will show on the Declarations page and will contain all items designated as Policy Wide items.

To view an example of this new section, click here.

NOTE: This new section will also appear for Quote Summaries and Policy Applications.

June 23, 2015

Payment Confirmation Numbers

Funded by Great Lakes Mutual

Confirmation numbers for successful payments have been added to multiple places in BriteCore and BriteQuote. These are randomly generated unique numbers that payors can use when referencing specific payments.

For examples of how and where these confirmation numbers will appear, click the links below:

Users will receive confirmation numbers for all successful payments including electronic payments, sweep payments, and automatic payments.

June 22, 2015

Extending System Tags

Funded by Bremen Farmers Mutual

Custom Tags were introduced earlier this year to enhance the reporting ability of BriteCore. Currently Custom Tags are available for data within the Lines module. With this release, Custom Tags will be expanded to include contacts, policies, and claims. This will give users the ability to generate reports on subsets of records within BriteCore.

For Custom Tags to be available for contacts, policies, and claims, clients must first tag individual records from Settings > System Wide > System Tags > Edit Custom Tags, similar to how various Lines elements are tagged. An overview of setting up Custom Tags can be found here. Here is a picture of the generic setup of Custom Tags:

CustomTags Setup.jpg

Once Custom Tags are setup for individual records, users can then use the new Edit button located on each record to maintain, update, and review the Custom Tags. Selecting the Edit button will generate a pop up where Custom Tags can be managed on individual records.

To view an example of the new Edit button for individual records, click on the links below.

There is one default Custom Tag that will be available for all policies. It is titled Poor Payment History. This tag is intended for use on policies that meet this standard for clients’ individual requirements. Additional functionality is scheduled for development to further utilize this specific tag, such as availability of billing schedules for those policies. This tag will not show on individual policy records when not set.

To review how Custom Tags are used in BriteData, click here.

NOTE: These new Custom Tags are only viewable in BriteCore. BriteQuote users will not see any tags added to a contact, policy, or claim.

June 16, 2015

Accounting Data Added to BriteData

BriteData was introduced at the User’s Conference in 2014 and has been an extremely important and useful tool for generating accurate reports in BriteCore. Previously, accounting data was not available for use in BriteData, however, with this release, BriteData will be expanded to include all accounting data in a BETA version.

A list of new Data Choices and their descriptions that will be available can be found here. These Data Choices can be used to create new reports in BriteData in the same fashion that existing Data Choices are used. Once created, it is possible to share reports with other clients by uploading the YAML file here. More information about sharing reports can be found here.

In addition to the new Data Choices, IWS has written four standard reports that will be available to run using the new accounting data.

Click here for a detailed description of each report: Accounting Detail Cash Balance Credits on Policies Advance Premium

NOTE: All existing reports will remain accessible and usable. Over time, IWS plans to rewrite the Reports page and allow customization of each report.


Having this data available in a BETA version means that while all of the data is accessible and available for use, users should exercise due diligence in reviewing reports. All data has undergone both automatic and manual testing and while being very close to a finished product, it is still expected that updates will be made.

While generating reports, if you have questions or believe an update is needed, the best way for you to help us improve these reports is by finding a single example of a particular type of issue and posting the policy number and what you believe to be wrong in the report in a new OOPS! ticket.

June 10, 2015

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse was an incredible advancement in the reporting functionality of BriteCore and helped lay the foundation for BriteData. With the continued expansion and versatility of BriteData, IWS has been phasing out the Data Warehouse over the past several months. After tonight’s release, the Queries tab will no longer be accessible in the Reports module and all custom reports will be run through BriteData.

BriteData Updates

A new Data Choice has been added for selection when building reports in BriteData. Users are now able to add the Claim Payment Check Display to any BriteData report. This Data Choice will return the payees listed on the claim check that was created in BriteCore.

BD CheckDisplay.jpg

For more information please visit our BriteData Wiki page here .