IWS Release Notes - March 2014

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

March 31, 2014

New Submission Receipt for Agents

Please inform your agents of the following change.

Starting on ______, BriteCore will begin sending electronic submission receipts to agents when policy applications are successfully submitted to BriteCore from the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal. Agents can use these receipts to help manage and maintain their agency folders.

While adding this feature to BriteCore, we updated the related system-generated administrative alert for "Application or Policy Change submitted from BriteQuote." Recipients of this alert can now view the name and email address of the agent who submitted the policy application or change.

Submission Details > Payment Receipt (Current Feature)

The first section of the Submission Details area controls who receives the receipt of payment once the policy has been issued in BriteCore. Please note that the system does not allow multiple payors to be added to the payment receipt fields, so agents should send emailed receipts to the primary payor on the account.

Submission Details - Payment Receipt.png

Submission Details > Submission Confirmation (New Feature)

Per community request in BriteIdeas, IWS has added a new submission confirmation section to the Agent Portal > Submission Details area in BriteQuote > Policy > Policy Setup > Submit > Submission Details. This is a new section that controls who receives confirmation when the new application or policy change is submitted successfully in BriteQuote. Agents should use this section in order to obtain submission receipts for their policies. Agents can use these receipts to manage and maintain their agency folders.

Submission Details - Agent Confirmation.png

Note: If no information is provided by the agent, BriteCore will attempt to send the Submission Confirmation email to the agent’s email address listed in BriteCore > Contacts > Individual Contact > Notices > Email Address to Use.

Updates to Admin Alerts for BriteQuote Submissions (New Feature)

During the process of adding the new submission field to BriteQuote, we updated the related system-generated admin alert for "Application or Policy Change submitted from BriteQuote" so that recipients of the alert could view the name and email address of the agent who submitted the application or policy change.

Admin Alert for Submissions.png

March 11, 2014

Updates to Vendor Reports

IWS has made changes to BriteCore that will improve the upload success rate for vendor reports. Starting tomorrow, the system will no longer upload empty files to vendors when carriers submit reports to third parties such as MBR, HSB, and ISO.

Additionally, when vendor reports are generated in BriteCore via the Generate Last Month’s Report button and sent to third parties using the Submit button, the system will display the word “Empty” next to the files void of content and “Sent” next to the files uploaded successfully to the vendor.

Vendor Files.png

March 10, 2014

Removing Deprecated Payment Distribution Option

We are removing the "(Deprecated) Carry Balance Forward with Adjustment" option from the Payment Distribution box for underpayments. This option was replaced with the new “Carry Balance Forward with Adjustment” option last April.

Deprecated Carry Balance Forward 2.png

March 10, 2014

New User Restriction Available for Notes

A new permission setting has been added to BriteCore that allows carriers to control whether or not individual users can edit / delete another user’s (manually-created) notes in BriteCore.

By default, this new permission setting is set to inactive, allowing users to edit and delete all user notes in BriteCore. To view or change this setting go to BriteCore > Settings > System Wide > Permissions > Options > Individuals can only edit / delete their own notes.

Active and Inactive Note Permission.png
When the setting is inactive (checkbox is unselected):
  • Users are able to delete their own (manually-created) notes.
  • Users are able to delete another user's (manually-created) note.
  • Users are able to edit their own (manually-created) notes.
  • Users are able to edit another user's (manually-created) note.
  • Users are able to turn system-generated notes into alerts.
When the setting is active (checkbox is selected):
  • Users are only able to delete their own (manually-created) notes.
  • Users are only able to edit their own (manually-created) notes.
  • Users are unable to turn system-generated notes into alerts.

March 6, 2014

Changes to Premium Written, Earned, and Unearned Report

IWS has made the following changes toward improving the accuracy and clarity of the Premium Written, Earned, and Unearned report:

1. Renamed Column Headers
We’ve modified the names of the column headers listed inside the Premium, Written, Earned, and Unearned report. These updated names accurately describe the data being reported:

  • Policy Number - the number of the policy associated with the premium record
  • Policy Type - the policy type associated with the policy
  • State - the state in which the policy was written
  • Written Premium (YTD) - the year-to-date written premium amount on the policy
  • Earned Premium (YTD) - the year-to-date earned premium amount on the policy
  • Unearned Premium Ending - the total amount of unearned premium remaining on the policy at the end of the reporting month
  • Written Premium for [month] - written premium amount for the current reporting month
  • Earned Premium for [month] - earned premium amount for the current reporting month

Prem WEU Report 2.png

2. Updated Column Data
We’ve also made modifications to the data reported in the last two columns of the report: Written Premium for [month] and Earned Premium for [month]. These columns used to display written and earned premium totals for the previous reporting month. They now display written and earned premium totals for the current reporting month, as expected.

Prem WEU Report - Last 2 Columns.png

3. Updated the Processing Speed
We’ve updated the logic of the Premium Written, Earned, and Unearned report to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for the report to generate at month-end. Enjoy!

Month End Reports.png

IWS takes pride in the quality and accessibility of BriteCore’s reports. We take care in ensuring the information we’re providing to you is both accurate and clear. If you have any questions or comments regarding the changes we’ve made to this report or any other report in BriteCore, please contact us via the OOPS! button.

March 5, 2014

New System-Generated Alert

CFM has funded a new system-generated policy admin alert for BriteCore. When set up properly, this alert sends notifications to specified recipients automatically each time a payment is submitted to BriteCore via the public payment gateway.

Specifying Alert Recipient(s)

To specify recipient(s) of this alert go to BriteCore > Settings > Administrative Alerts > Policies and type the email address of the recipient(s) inside the field labeled “Public Payment has been submitted from the Secure Checkout." When adding multiple recipients to the alert, remember to separate each recipient’s address with a comma.

Admin Alert.png

March 3, 2014

BriteQuote Icon Renamed

IWS has added the word “New” to the quote icon located on the dashboard and Policies screen of the BriteQuote Agent/Agency portal. When clicked, this icon directs users to the Policy > Setup tab in BriteQuote where a new policy can be quoted or a new application can be completed.

Prior to this change, agents were clicking on the “Quote” icon expecting to be directed to existing quotes rather than to a new quote. We’ve renamed this icon to better reflect its functionality within the system.

Special thanks to the BriteCore community for up-voting this change request and for making usability and accessibility a top priority for the Agent/Agency Portal.

New BriteQuote Icon 2.png