IWS Release Notes - March 2015

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March 25, 2015

PR3137 PR3129

Restrict Business by County

Funded by Union Mutual

BriteCore has added further control over where you write business. Risks can now be restricted based upon county in addition to zip code. However, restricting by county or zip code is mutually exclusive; that is, carriers can restrict by either county or zip code but not both. Like the zip code restriction, an override exists so that a risk may still be written, at an authorized staff’s discretion, within a restricted county.

When enabled, Agents will be unable to submit applications for a risk located in a restricted county unless an override code is entered by an authorized staff. On the Risks tab of the Agent Portal, agents will see the below Approval Required text. Agents can click the information icon to see a custom message (defined by you) that provides direction on the next step(s).

Address ApprovalRequired.png

If contacted by an agent, an authorized staff member has the ability to override this restriction by clicking on the Approval Required text and entering a custom code. Once approved, the address is added to a whitelist and the agent will be able to submit the application for further review. However, if the street address is changed the approval code must be entered again.

Approval Code-ZipRestriction.png

Currently this is a database-only setting. If you are interested in using this new functionality, please submit an OOPS! ticket. You will need a list of zip codes you would like to restrict, the text you would like displayed to the agent and the approval code you would like to use.

New Setting for Applications

Funded by Bremen

Located in Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Binding Authority, a new setting allows carriers to default the status of all applicable Applications to Bound prior to submission. When enabled, the Submit Bound option will be checked by default if there are no enforcements on the specific Application that would keep it from being submitted Bound; for example, a category selection that is disallowed. This means agents will not have to manually check the Submit Bound checkbox on the Submit tab of BriteQuote; it will be checked automatically if applicable. The Submit Bound checkbox may still be manually unchecked by the agent if needed.

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March 24, 2015

PR3132 PR3064 PR2809

New Disclaimer for Agents Filing Claims

Funded by Bremen and Panhandle

Within the Agent Portal, two messages have been added to provide further clarity during the claim submission process. The first message appears at the bottom of the claim submission page indicating that carriers have no knowledge of the claim until the Submit Claim button is clicked. When the Submit Claim button is clicked, agents will be asked to confirm submission of the claim via popup message. If the agent clicks OK the claim will be filed; if Cancel, the popup will close and the agent will be returned to the claim submission page.

Improved Search Functionality for Return Premium Transfers

A GO button has been added to the search functionality when transferring a Return Premium payment to another policy from within the Return Premium queue. This change makes the search functionality for Return Premium transfers consistent with other searches throughout BriteCore. To search for policies, enter the policy to which you would like to transfer the Return Premium then click the GO button.

Persistent Builder - Show Hidden Items

With the flexibility of BriteCore’s lines module, some line items are setup in such a way that they do not show in the Builder of a policy even though they are used in Builder. These are most often calculation line items, but any line item can be set up this way.

When Persistent Builder is activated on a policy, currently these hidden line items remain hidden, even if they are conflicted. This has the potential to keep users from resolving Persistent Builder. To eliminate this potential issue, a new option has been add to the Builder Conflict Resolver toolbar.

PB ShowHidden.png

Pictured above, this new option is checked and the line item Calculation Item is highlighted in yellow. If the user unchecks this option, Calculation Item will no longer appear in Builder.

IWS does not recommend deleting hidden items unless they are conflicted. The vast majority of Persistent Builder occurrences can be resolved without needing to show hidden items. It is recommended that users first attempt to resolve Persistent Builder without reviewing the hidden items. If resolution is not possible, the next step would be to review the hidden items for conflicts.

March 17, 2015

BriteData Updates


Several new columns have been added to BriteData that expand the ability to add policyholder data to reports. Currently, users are able to add various data types for the primary policyholder such as name, address, email, etc. These columns contain the keywords Primary Policyholder followed by the data type and return data for only one contact since a policy can only have one primary policyholder.

Since some policies have multiple policyholders, new columns have been added that allow users to pull reports for all policyholders on a policy, not just the primary policyholder. These new columns will have the keyword Policyholder followed by the data type.

Click here for example data types for Primary Policyholder. Click here for example data types for Policyholder.

New Warning for Contacts


Since editing contact information in BriteCore’s Contacts module updates the contact throughout the system, IWS has added a warning that will address unintentional changes to existing contacts. When a user attempts to edit a contact’s name or address within BriteCore’s Contacts module the below warning will appear if the contact is associated with submitted applications, policies or claims. This warning will not appear if the contact is only associated with unsubmitted or rejected quotes or applications.

Edit contact warning.png

As the warning generates for contacts associated with submitted applications, IWS has also made it easier to identify these applications. In the Policies section of the contact, submitted applications will now be listed; previously this list only included Active and Canceled policies.

Policies list in contacts.png

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March 16, 2015


Adverse Action Letter

Funded by Alamance

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires an Adverse Action Letter be sent to insureds whose insurance coverage is adversely affected as a result of the information in their credit report. To help automate this process in BriteCore, a new Custom Deliverable has been added to Settings > Deliverables > Custom Deliverables titled Insurance Scoring Notification.

This new deliverable will require user setup. Using the Text Area of this report, users are able to customize this deliverable to their business needs.

An example Insurance Scoring Notification deliverable can be found here.

Insurance Scoring Notification Setup:

  • Navigate to this deliverable and click the pencil icon to begin editing.
  • Clients are able to change the name of this deliverable but it is not required.
  • In the Text Area, placeholder information has been added but the following lines will need to be updated:
    • Line 12: Add an abbreviation for your company.
    • Line 15: Add an appropriate signature.
    • Line 17: Add an appropriate footer.
    • Line 19 - 20: Add an appropriate default description for Credit Reason Codes that are not defined.
    • Line 24: Add all appropriate Credit Reason Codes and descriptions. These reason codes are defined by TransUnion and are specific to individual contracts. Contact your TransUnion representative for a comprehensive list of codes to use.
  • Be sure to retain all formatting when editing this report. Only edit text, not existing formatting.
  • If new lines are needed for additional information, pattern the formatting and spacing after existing lines.
  • No information below line 33 needs to be edited.
  • Once you are finished be sure to save your changes and preview the deliverable to ensure it displays the information as expected.

Ins Scoring Notification Setup.png

This deliverable is not created automatically by the system. To generate this deliverable for a specific policy, click the Custom Deliverable button on the Revisions tab. Users will receive a pop-up window that lists all insureds on the policy in a drop down. Select the appropriate Insured and click Done. Once generated, the deliverable will be available in the Attachments tab of the policy for review and additional processing.

Since this deliverable is manually generated, clients will need to know which policies it needs to be generated for. In order to accommodate this, IWS has created the framework for a report that will return policies whose premium has been adversely affected as the result of an insured’s credit score.

The report can be created using this YAML file (the file must be downloaded...YAML files will not show a preview). Additional information about uploading YAML files can be found here. Once uploaded, you will want to review the Rules to ensure they align with the setup of your credit tiers used in premium rating.

Daily Workflow Process:

  • Run the report to generate a list of policies whose insurance coverage has been adversely affected by a credit score.
  • Review the list of policies.
  • Navigate to each policy and choose to create the Insurance Scoring Notification custom deliverable.
  • Select the appropriate insureds in the pop-up.
  • Review and process the notification in Attachments.