IWS Release Notes - May 2014

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

May 27, 2014

Changing Policy Types Mid-Term

Funded by CFM

IWS has updated BriteCore’s Rewrite Policy options to allow carriers to rewrite policies using the Current Policy’s ID. Including this option gives users the ability to change a policy’s type mid-term without having to change the policy’s number. As a result of the extended functionality, two new settings have been introduced to BriteCore’s Settings module and one new setting has been introduced to BriteCore’s Lines module. Click the links below for more information:

Rewrite Policy Chang Policy Type.png

May 27, 2014

New! Item Detail Over a Date Range

IWS has added a new Item Detail Over a Date Range report to BriteCore. The purpose of this report is to provide carriers with a detailed item-level view of premium and custom fee changes over a target date range for all line items in all lines of business. When run manually in BritCore, the report displays line item limits, premium (written, earned, and unearned), and custom fees for policies inforce as of the target date range. In this report, “Limit” refers to the inforce limit at the end date of the target range. This was requested by the clients who supported the development of this report.

The Item Detail Over a Date Range report is still in BETA mode.
This is due to the fact that the Earned and Unearned Premium records, when broken down to the item level, do not yet match BriteCore exactly. Additionally, we believe that more extensive client-testing of custom fees will help to further refine this report. Click here to learn more about the new report located in BritCore > Reports > Report List > Data Extracts > Item Detail Over a Date Range.

Running Item Detail Date Range.png

May 15, 2014

New Setting Adds Form Descriptions to Deliverables

Sponsored by Spriska

Spriska has sponsored the development of a new Deliverables setting that allows carriers to show form descriptions on declarations, quote summaries, and application summaries. The purpose of this setting is to make form description information more accessible to agents and insureds.

When the Form Description setting is in use, the system will populate all dec, quote, and summary deliverables with descriptions entered in BriteCore > Lines > Policy Type > Line Item > Documents > Forms > Description. We advise all carriers to review and test their form description fields for accuracy prior to implementing the new setting.

Printing Form Descriptions on Deliverables

The instructions below explain how to enable this setting in BriteCore.

  1. Go to BriteCore > Settings > Deliverables and select the checkbox next to “Show form descriptions on declarations, quote summaries, and application summaries.”
  2. Go to BriteCore > Lines > Policy Type > Line Item > Documents > Description and ensure the proper forms have been uploaded to the proper line items and that all “Form Descriptions” are accurate.
  3. Preview your decs to ensure the Form Description(s) appear under the section labeled "Policy Subject to the following Forms and Endorsements just after the Form Code and Edition Number. Please note that the location of the Forms is below the Rating Information when this setting is enabled.

Note: Outside of HTML tagging, BriteCore does not support the use of less than ("<") or greater than (">") characters inside the Form Description field. Improper use of these two characters in Britecore may cause a code error in your system.

Show Form Descriptions Setting.png

May 14, 2014

Updates to Minimum Amount Due

Sponsored by United Frontier

It has been brought to our attention that BriteCore’s "Minimum Amount Due" field has not been functioning as expected when a certain combination of Billing Schedule settings are in use. United Frontier has sponsored a change request to update this behavior. Starting tomorrow, invoices will no longer display the conditional billing schedule if the minimum threshold is not met, regardless of any other Billing Schedule enforcements.

During the process of ensuring consistency across all setting interactions, IWS relabeled the aforementioned “Minimum Amount Due” field. This field is now referred to as the “Minimum Pro-Rata Premium” to better describe its functionality and intended use.

Important Note: Please review all Billing Schedules to ensure your Minimum Pro-Rata Premium fields are correct. BriteCore will not print conditional Billing Schedules until the assigned minimum pro-rata premium threshold is met.

Edit Billing Schedule.png

May 13, 2014

New Auto Pay Form Link

Funded by Meramec

IWS has added a new setting to BriteCore that allows users to add an Electronic Auto Pay Form link to the BriteQuote Billing screen. This setting was funded by Meramec, a company who requires permission forms to be filled out and signed by insureds prior to the automatic debiting of their accounts.

The Electronic Auto Pay Form link is designed to facilitate the auto pay enrollment process by directing users to your company’s enrollment form for automatic payments. In order to use the auto pay link in BriteQuote, you will need to host your enrollment form online so that you have access to the form’s URL. If your form is not already available online, you can upload and store a .pdf copy of the form inside BriteCore’s Attachments.

To Upload an Enrollment Form to Attachments

  1. Go to BriteCore > Lines > Attachments.
  2. Click on the Upload Files button.
  3. Drag and drop your enrollment form to upload it.
  4. Once the form has uploaded, click on the form link to view it.
  5. Highlight the form’s URL to copy it.

Note: You will use the URL again in the Settings module.

To Add the Form Link to BriteQuote

  1. Go to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote.
  2. Scroll down to the Other section.
  3. Paste your enrollment form link into the open text box.

Note: The form link can be an internal link from BriteCore > Attachments or an external link from another source that hosts your forms.

May 13, 2014

BriteQuote > State Selection Box

BriteCore now auto-populates the BriteQuote > State selection box for agents when the primary carrier writes business in only one state. This feature is part of the BriteQuote > Improvements project and is designed to help make BriteQuote more user-friendly.

Note: For carriers who write business in multiple states, the BriteQuote > State selection box will still be defaulted to a blank selection so that agents can choose the appropropriate state from the "Select a State" drop-down box.

AP PolicySetupTab StateSelection.png

May 6, 2014

New! Sanity Checks for Custom HTML Messages

This change is intended to make your site more secure.

IWS is now running sanity checks on custom HTML messages added to the Agent/Agency Portal dashboard from within BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Agent Dashboard Text. The purpose of these checks is to ensure the user interface displays as expected when a custom message is created and submitted to the board. Sanity checks currently scan the HTML code to:

  • Remove blacklisted tags (e.g., iframes and script tags)
  • Remove HTML comments
  • Remove unicode characters (e.g., MS Word quotes)
  • Change non-whitelisted tags to span tags with no attributes

Note: If you are having trouble formatting the HTML in your site, please contact us via the OOPS! button so we can review your code.

Agent Dashboard Text.png

May 1, 2014

New Report Column Available

Funded by Great Lakes Mutual

Great Lakes Mutual funded a change request to add a new Underpaid By column to the Payments Received Report. This column displays the amount by which a specific policy is underpaid, along with the total amount of underpayments listed at the bottom of the report. Employees can use this new column to quickly and easily identify at day’s end, which policies were underpaid using a manual or electronic payment method.

Underpaid By.png

May 1, 2014

Restoring Edit Icon in Notes

Allows users to view all note timestamps.

IWS recently released a note setting that allows carriers to control whether or not individual users can edit / delete notes manually created by another user. When this feature is enabled, BriteCore removes the edit and delete icons from all notes not owned by the logged in user.

This has created an issue for users who use the edit icon to view note timestamps. In order to restore this functionality to users but still preserve the integrity of the setting, IWS has decided to show edit icons for all notes but disallow edits to be saved if the note does not belong to the logged in user. See example images below for more information:

Restricted vs NonRestricted Note.png