IWS Release Notes - May 2015

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May 21, 2015

Attaching Agents to Multiple Agencies

Funded by Bremen

Within the Contacts module, the relationship between agents and agencies has been expanded. Users are now able to assign agents to multiple agencies.

This change benefits clients who have agent contacts in BriteCore, regardless of whether agents or agencies are attached to policies. The intended purpose of this change is to allow agents access to records from multiple agencies, namely in the case that one agent writes for multiple agencies.

To set up this new relationship, navigate to an agent’s contact record. The new section, Agencies, is located under the Role selection area. Once multiple agencies are assigned to an agent, the appropriate records (policies and claims) will become viewable for the associated roles.

In the Settings module if agents are assigned to policies, the agent will immediately have access to the appropriate records for all associated agencies. If agencies are assigned to policies, the agency will immediately have access to the appropriate records for all associated agents.

Agent agency relationship.jpg

The primary area to associate a single agency with an agent is still under the Company section of the contact. This functionality has not changed.

Contact companySection.jpg

The agency listed here will be the primary agency for the agent and will be used when calculating commissions, running reports, etc. This update is a preliminary change for future enhancements that will further expand the agent/agency relationship.

May 4, 2015

BriteData Updates

Outlined below are new data choices that have been added for selection when building reports in BriteData.

New Data Choices.png

  • Agency Username: Returns the username associated with the Agency.
  • Agency Commission Structure: Returns the commission structure associated with the Agency.
  • Premium Records Written Premium: Returns the written premium for the date range from premium records.
  • New Or Renewal Term: Returns the value, New or Renewal.

Secured Payment Portal Update

IWS has expanded the functionality of the Secured Online Payment Portal. In addition to accepting risk Zip Codes for validation, users can also use a Zip Code associated with any named insured listed on the policy.