IWS Release Notes - May 2016

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May 25, 2016

Email Logging to Notes - PR3972

As you know, BriteCore is adept at keeping you up-to-date of system occurrences through emails. There are cases when you need to search these emails to troubleshoot an issue. Some clients streamline this process by establishing a central email account that is associated with every Administrative Alert in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts along with the new Receive Copy of Deliverable Emails Sent to Agents checkbox at the bottom of the same page. To further enhance the auditing process, BriteCore now logs the system emails in the Notes section of the appropriate module and, if applicable, individual contact, policy or claim.

For Example: When users select to send emails from Policies > Processing > Pending Email, a note is created in Policies > Individual Policy > Notes indicating the email was sent. The note will contain the details of the email and indicate when it was sent.

Email Note.jpg

Allow Overpayment for Submitted Applications - PR4036

Some carriers require payment with application submission. A new setting expands the required payment options by allowing overpayments with application submission. Located in Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Payment, when turned ON, BriteQuote users will have the ability to increase the required down payment by clicking the figure next to Additional Payment and entering any amount in the popup.

Allow Overpayment.png

May 17, 2016

General Interface Enhancements: Sitewide Header Update - PR3730 The page header throughout the administrative portal of BriteCore has been modernized. This update improves your experience of BriteCore on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Since the header changes where user click to navigate through BriteCore, please share this announcement with staff.

Updates users can expect:

  • An updated Header for staff only; the agents will continue to see the legacy header
  • An updated Header for mobile display
  • A scrolling Header

Previous Header:

Previous Header.png

New Header:

New Header1.png

May 03, 2016

Migrate Billing Schedules on Renewal - PR3998 BriteCore now has the ability to automatically migrate policies to a new billing schedule on renewal. This new setting will migrate all policies on one billing schedule to a new billing schedule. The intended purpose of this change is to deprecate no-longer-used billing schedules.

Migrate Billing Schedules.jpg

Certain restrictions apply to the availability of billing schedules in the drop down. In order to migrate, the billing schedules must match in regard to the Policy Term Length and Bill to Whom. Also, the Minimum Pro-Rata Premium figure must be less than or equal to the billing schedule being migrated to.

NOTE: Simply turning this new setting ON does not immediately migrate all policies to the new billing schedule. Migration will only occur when the renewal term is created. This means that policies will be referencing both billing schedules for an indefinite period of time. Deleting a billing schedule prior to contacting IWS is not recommended.

May 02, 2016

Processing ISO A-Plus Reports - PR3981 Users now have a tool for sending past ISO A-Plus reports. Prior to this update, users were restricted to the previous month. With the new Month and Year input fields, users can generate and send any past month’s ISO A-Plus files.

Processing APlus Reports.png