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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.


November 26, 2013

Ability to Quote and Submit Policy Changes from BriteQuote

CFM sponsored a major change request that allows agents/agencies to perform quotes and submit endorsements on active policies inside the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal. Changes made to policies from within the portal can be submitted by agents/agencies and reviewed in BriteCore by underwriters before being officially committed. Follow the links below in order to find out how this process works in BriteCore.

November 25, 2013

ISO A-Plus

We're continuing to work on the ISO A-Plus enhancements and hope to have the final solutions in place by the end of the year. In the mean time, we will be disabling the new ISO A-Plus tool in the Policies > Processing section of BriteCore as we work on these enhancements.

Your ISO files will still be generated and sent as usual. However, the new interface feature will not be available until next month. Please let us know if you have any questions.

November 25, 2013

New Dynamic Text Tags

The following dynamic text tags have been added to BriteCore. These tags can be used in user-defined text areas to pull the policy payoff amount and/or return premium reason into your deliverables.

  • {payoff_amount}
  • {return_premium_reason}

To view a list of all supported dynamic text tags, go to BriteCore > Settings > Deliverables and click the pencil icon next to one of your deliverables to edit it. Next, click on the blue Help link inside the Fixed Components box. A list of supported tags will appear inside the Help box.

Adding Dynamic Text Tags to Deliverables

Follow the procedures below for adding tags to your deliverables.

  1. Go to Settings > Deliverables and click the edit button next to the deliverable you want to customize (e.g., Return Premium Notice).
  2. Click the Help link to visually verify that the tag you want to use is listed as an available option (e.g., {return_premium_reason}) in BriteCore.
  3. Add the tag where you can easily see it in the custom text blocks.
  4. Click to preview your deliverable. The tag’s value should be subbed in where you added the tag.

November 21, 2013

BriteQuote Temporary Suspension Feature

A new setting has been added to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote that allows administrators to place temporary suspensions on BriteQuote application submissions and binding authorities.

These suspensions can be set up in BriteCore at anytime and limited by a date range, zip code, suspension type, agent/agency, or a combination thereof. Once a suspension is created, the system will prevent agents/agencies from submitting applications or binding policies that meet the criteria of the suspension.

Creating a New Suspension

To create a new suspension, go to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote and click the button labeled Setup BriteQuote Suspensions. This will activate BriteCore's Edit Suspension wizard, an easy-to-use popup tool that walks users through each step of the suspension setup process before applying the suspension to new applications...learn more

BQ Suspension Type.png

November 21, 2013

New Edit Line Item Setting Option

We've added a new setting option to BriteCore called "Do Not Trigger Persistent Builder When Added Mandatorily" that allows carriers to set exceptions on Persistent Builder when new, mandatory line items are added to BriteCore for the first time.

Clients should use this setting when they want to disable Persistent Builder on newly added, mandatory line items. When this setting is enabled, the system prevents all policies containing the newly added, mandatory line item from being marked as "Conflicted" in Persistent Builder, so users don't have to manually resolve each policy in BriteCore.

Disabling Persistent Builder

To prevent Persistent Builder from triggering when you add new, mandatory line items to the system, go to BriteCore > Lines > Policy Types > Individual Policy Type > Line Items and select the check box next to "Do Not Trigger Persistent Builder When Added Mandatorily".

Disable PB on LI.png

November 20, 2013

Printing Forms on Renewal

Sponsored by Baldwin Mutual

Baldwin Mutual funded a recent change request that benefits all BriteCore clients who want to print forms such as Privacy Disclosures and Policy Jackets automatically at renewal.

This change request required the addition of a new setting option in BriteCore > Lines > Policy Types / Line Items and allows carriers to mark individual forms as "Always Print on Renewal".

When enabled in BriteCore, the setting forces selected forms like the Privacy Disclosure to print automatically for every renewal. The added benefit for all clients is that users no longer have to manually change the document's form code or edition number in order to print forms at renewal. Kudos to Baldwin Mutual for helping us get rid of the manual process in BriteCore!

To Print Forms on Renewal

By default, all forms have been set to print for new business but do not print for renewal business. Clients can opt to print renewal forms automatically by going to Lines > Policy Types / Line Items > Forms and selecting the "Always Print on Renewal" check box next to each individual form they'd like to print.

Note: The "Suppress Printing" and "Always Print on Renewal" options are mutually exclusive; users can only select one printing option at a time.

Always Print on Renewal.png

November 20, 2013

BriteCore Printer Guide

At this year's users conference, several of our clients asked us to publish more information regarding the proper procedures for purchasing and hooking up a new printer for BriteCore. In lieu of such requests, we've put together a printer guide to help users minimize business interruptions while setting up a new printer.

We've even included documentation for how to store and reprint BriteCore backups using the Dropbox and Print Conductor applications. Enjoy!

November 18, 2013

Showing Calculation Items in BriteCore > Vendor Tags

Calculation Items are now shown and available for selection on the Property / Policy level of BriteCore's Vendor Tag screen. Such items were previously only available for selection under policy Sub Lines but have been modified with the intent of enhancing the usability of BriteCore Underwriting Rules––a feature set that has not yet been released live. Please feel free to use this functionality outside of its intended use, if you find it helpful.

November 18, 2013

Improving ISO A-Plus Process (In Progress)

We're currently in the process of improving the ISO A-Plus reporting process in BriteCore. However, there are still a number of changes in progress. After tonight's release, you'll see a new ISO A-Plus drop-down on the Britecore > Policies > Processing tab. You will not need to use this drop-down until all process changes have been completed. We'll send a full set of release notes out to all clients when the ISO drop-down is ready to be used.

ISO A Plus Tab.png

November 18, 2013

Updates to Print States

Over the last few months, IWS has worked on several outstanding change requests regarding BriteCore print states. Updates to these print states have been summarized below and contain links back to their original Trac tickets so clients can review them at their leisure. IWS will continue to monitor the accuracy of print states in the future, and we expect the number of related support tickets to drop following tonight’s official release.

Applying Credits to Future Balances
Invoice print states are now set to “Do Not Print” when payments resulting in credits are made to policies and the “Keep Credit and Apply to Future Balances” billing option is selected.
Discontinuing Printing During Cancellation Pending
For clients who use the setting “Discontinue Printing During Cancellation Pending," all deliverables are now set to “Do Not Print” when a policy enters Cancellation Pending status for underwriting reasons or non-payment of premium.
Editing and Reprinting Invoices (Already Live in BriteCore)
The Print Automatically checkbox is removed from the Edit and Reprint pop-up box when a user updates a future invoice. When such invoices are edited, the print states default to a more expected behavior of 'Do Not Print' for the old invoice and 'To Be Determined' for the new invoice.
Placing Policies on Auto-Pay
When a policy is placed on auto-pay, all future invoices are set to ‘Do Not Print’ instead of ‘To Be Determined’.
Replacing Renewal Billing Statements
BriteCore now references the print state of the initial Renewal Billing Statement when determining the print state of replacement Renewal Billing Statements when an unpaid Renewal Revision goes into CPNP and the policy’s Billing Schedule is changed (e.g., from Annual to Quarterly).

November 12, 2013

Locking Credit Scores to Policy Terms

We’ve added a new setting option to BriteCore that allows carriers to lock credit scores to policy terms. When defined outside of the system’s default, the setting forces BriteCore to reference new credit scores at renewal, even if the new scores are available mid-term.

To Lock Credit Scores to Terms

Go to Settings > Modules > Policies > Terms and select the length of policy terms in which BriteCore should reference new credit scores.

By default, this option is set to zero and reflects the system’s current behavior of pulling the most recent credit scores on file for the insured contacts. If you set this option to something other than zero, your initial credit scores will be locked for the number of policy terms selected (1, 2, 3..etc)

Locking CS to PT.png

November 7, 2013

Warning Pop-Up in BriteQuote - (Fixed)

At last week's users conference, the engineers participated in a live hackathon where they worked together to complete an active BriteIdeas change request during one of the core conference sessions. This change has now passed client and AE testing and will be released to your BriteCore site tonight.

For those of you who were unable to attend the conference, the developers fixed a bug that was preventing a warning pop-up from appearing in the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal when a user attempted to exit the Rating screen before saving their work. This pop-up is now functioning to inform users when selections made to the policy's Builder and/or underwriting questions may not be saved.

BQ Hackathon Warning Popup.png

November 7, 2013

Tracking and Deleting Non-Pays in BriteCore

We've made several modifications to BriteCore that allow users to quickly and easily track and delete non-pay records from the policy's Accounts Receivable screen without having to contact IWS for assistance. Review the documentation below to find out how to set up and use this new functionality in BriteCore.

November 7, 2013

Policy Legal Report by County

A new report has been added to BriteCore > Reports > Reinsurance Reports called Policy Legal Report by County that displays policy counts, limit totals, and written premium totals by county for each line of business in BriteCore.

Running the Report

When run manually as of a target date (e.g., 9/1/13), the Policy Legal Report by County retrieves all active and cancellation pending policies that have at least one committed revision in BriteCore.

To run this report, go to BriteCore > Reports > Report list > Reinsurance Reports and click on the link for Policy Legal Report by County. In the report popup box, type the target run date for the report and then click done. Once the report has finished generating, retrieve it from the Reports > Attachments screen in BriteCore...learn more

November 5, 2013

Geography Data Move (Fixed)

BriteCore's geography table has been updated successfully and the Property > Zip Code error message is no longer being displayed in Policies. Thank you for your patience while we worked to get this issue resolved.

Geography Data Move (Error)

IWS is working to resolve an issue that's causing the below error message to appear in BriteCore each time a user clicks on the Property tab for an individual policy. This error is affecting all non-EC2 clients and occurred as a result of the Geography Data move.

All geography data will be temporarily unavailable for all non-EC2 clients while our engineering team updates the new geography table. This update will begin momentarily and is expected to last up to 30 minutes. We will email all clients once this issue is resolved and service is restored back to normal.

We do not expect EC2 clients to experience down time during this update.

Error Message: Unable to access zip code data at this time.
 Please try again later. 
If the problem persists, contact IWS.

November 5, 2013

Builder > Calculation Line Items (Fixed)

A release has been scheduled to go out tonight to address the BriteCore > Builder issue causing all mandatory calculation line items to be displayed in Builder even when the 'Show in Builder' option box is not selected. We expect this issue to be completely resolved by morning.

Builder > Calculation Line Items (Error)

All mandatory calculation line items are currently being displayed in Builder even if the 'Show in Builder' option box is not selected. We're testing a fix for this issue and will notify all clients once the issue has been resolved and Builder is functioning as expected.

November 4, 2013

BriteQuote Temporary Suspension Wizard (Coming Soon!)

A new setting has been added to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote that allows administrators to place temporary suspensions on BriteQuote application submissions and binding authorities.

These suspensions can be set up in BriteCore at anytime and limited by a date range, zip code, suspension type, agent/agency, or a combination thereof. Once a suspension is created, the system will prevent agents/agencies from submitting applications or binding policies that meet the criteria of the suspension.

Creating a New Suspension

To create a new suspension, go to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > BriteQuote and click the button labeled Setup BriteQuote Suspensions. This will activate BriteCore's Edit Suspension wizard, an easy-to-use popup tool that walks users through each step of the suspension setup process before applying the suspension to new applications.....learn more

BQ Suspension Type.png

November 4, 2013

New Data Entry Requirements for Adding New Contacts (Coming Soon!)

Staff members who occupy the role of administrator can now set additional requirements on the "New Contact" pop-up fields in BriteCore and BriteQuote. These requirements further specify which additional fields are necessary for creating new contacts in BriteCore and/or BriteQuote and which are not.

New data entry requirements can be defined separately for BriteCore and BriteQuote and can be optionally applied to the following data entry fields: Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Phone Number.

Setting Up Data Entry Requirements

To set additional requirements on the entry of new contacts in BriteCore or BriteQuote, go to BriteCore > Settings > Modules > Contacts > Contact Pop-Up and select the checkbox next to each data entry item you want to require.

Optionally Required Fields.png

Note: The following data entry fields are already required when users add new contacts to BriteCore or BriteQuote; however, they cannot be optionally defined in Contacts: Name, Address, City, Zip, State/Province.

For accessibility purposes, all required data entry fields are labeled in red on the "New Contact" pop-up box. This helps users easily identify which fields are necessary for creating a new contact in BriteCore or BriteQuote and which are not. The system will not allow users to close "New Contact" pop-up box until all required fields are complete.

Contact Popup Required Fields.png

November 4, 2013

Geography Data Moved to Remote Host

IWS has moved the geography data to a remote host where it can be accessed from a single data source. This move will make it easier for us to run updates on the information we receive from our data provider. The geography data is primarily used for zip code verification in addresses. All places that currently use the geography data have been updated in BriteCore.

Important Note

This change does not affect the way users enter addresses into BriteCore, nor will it change the system's behavior in response to those data entries.

However, client-specific data changes will not be present in the master geography table. If an Account Executive has made updates to your individual geography table in the past, then those changes will need to be made again. Please notify IWS via an OOPS! ticket if you encounter any issues.

November 4, 2013

New! Ability to Void Claims Payments

Due to widespread community support, we've completed the BriteIdeas change request to void claims payments in BriteCore. With the click of a button, users can void claims payments on individual claims in Claims > Accounting > Transactions.

This functionality has been restricted to BriteCore administrative users. Neither agents nor agencies are allowed to void claims payments from within the BriteQuote Agent/Agency Portal. Click on the Additional Resources links below for more information.

Additional Resources

Voided Claims Payment3a387a.png

November 4, 2013

Updates to the Item Limits Report

There was an issue with BriteCore's Item Limits report that caused it to return empty when run by clients who had used Vendor Tags in the past. This issue has been resolved and the entire report, including the report name, has been modified to improve its quality, accuracy, and general usefulness.

Major Changes

  • The Item Limits report has been renamed the Item Detail Report.
  • This report is now a high-quality .csv data extract rather than .xls.

  • Written Premium, Annual Premium, Custom Fees, Property Names, and Sublines have been added to the report.

Report Purpose

The purpose of the Item Detail report––formerly known as the Item Limits report––is to assist clients who need specialized reports based on certain coverages in their BriteCore system. A common use would be to provide your reinsurers with the annual Limit Profile. When run manually, the report displays Policy Number, Policy Type, Line of Business, Written Premium, Annual Premium, Custom Fees, Limits, Deductibles, Property Names, and Sublines for all line items in all lines of business for policies inforce as of a given date.

Data Extracts

The Item Detail report is the first of several "Data Extract" reports that return data in CSV format that can be opened and edited in Excel. Over the coming months several more Data Extract reports will be released. These reports are all intended to enable clients to create the reports they need for any purpose. Providing clients with BriteCore's numerical data in the form of data extracts should eliminate "Emergency Reports", since reports can be created at a moment's notice using the Data Extract reports.

Since the Item Detail report is now a Data Extract report, it has been moved to the Data Extract section on the bottom-left corner of the Reports module screen. Future Data Extract reports will be placed in this section as well.

Additional Resources Since the Data Extract reports can be opened in Excel, clients can use Excel Pivot Tables and VLookups to create customized reports. Click on the links below to learn more or go to youtube.com and search for "Excel Pivot Tables" and "VLookups".

November 4, 2013

Underwriting Rules (Coming Soon!)

IWS is in the process of testing BriteCore's Underwriting Rules functionality. When this feature set goes live, clients will be able to define advance underwriting guidelines based on category selections. While this is in testing, clients will be able to see the Underwriting Rules tab in Lines. However, this section is only available for IWS staff. Functionality will not yet be available for clients to use. Once testing is complete, we will send out a full set of release notes. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

November 4, 2013

Protection Classes (Funded Project Complete)

Based on data provided by Halifax, we've added new functionality to BriteCore and BriteQuote that allows the system to automatically calculate the protection class of a location based on user inputs for county, fire district, distance to the fire station, and distance to the fire hydrant.

When this feature is in use, the protection class values update automatically at renewal and renewals migrate fire districts as responding districts change over time. The protection class can be manually overridden by carriers at any time but remain non-editable to all agents.

Other clients can use this functionality at the cost of customization by providing IWS with the required data set in the exact file format requested. If you're interested in using the Protection Class functionality in BriteCore, please review the documentation below and contact us via an OOPS! ticket for a completion timeline and cost estimate.


Additional Resources