IWS Release Notes - November 2014

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We strive to keep our products above the industry standard so that your systems remain current and flexible. For that reason, we make continuous improvements to BriteCore's code base. We've been experimenting with a continuous release process, and we'll be shifting to this to better reflect our daily improvements. Rather than waiting for the all-clear of many items to go out in one weekly release, you'll receive continuous updates for code changes going out in the daily release. Items that require full release notes for this month can be found in this section of the BriteWiki.

November 21, 2014

This Enhancement is Scheduled for Release on December 1, 2014

Submit a Claim from BriteQuote

Funded by Bremen, Farmers Mutual of TN, Panhandle, Carolina Farmers, Friends Cove, Halifax, Municipal, Eastern and Alamance

IWS has completed the new enhancement giving agents the ability to create and submit claims from the Agent Portal.

Setup: To utilize this new enhancement, carriers will need to update the below items:

Once the setup of these items has been completed this new enhancement will be ready to use.

What Agents Can Expect

Agents will be able to create and submit claims from the Agent Portal on any inforce policy. Agents can create claims from two places in the Agent Portal:

The key difference in the two methods is that policy information will be automatically populated if the claim is created from the Policy Setup tab.

After creating a new claim by using one of the methods above, Agents will be taken to the File A Claim page where they will enter all of the information for the claim. When the Agent has provided all of the required information, they will be able to submit the claim for review.

Properties of a Submitted Claim:

  • The claim status is Pending, Submitted (a new status added for this enhancement)
  • A unique claim number, formatted according to the carrier’s settings, is assigned to the claim
  • An email stating a claim has been submitted is generated and sent to the appropriate addresses defined in settings
  • The claim is now searchable from BriteCore > Claims by using the Pending, Submitted filter and/or the new claim number
  • The Agent is unable to edit claim information but does have a read-only view of the claim

Properties of an Unsubmitted Claim:

  • The claim status is Pending, Unsubmitted (a new status added for this enhancement)
  • A unique claim number has not been assigned and will show in search results as Inquiry
  • The claim is not searchable from BriteCore > Claims and BriteCore users are unaware of its existence (this potentially reduces liability to the carrier)
  • The Agent is able to edit claim information

What BriteCore Users Can Expect
As stated above, BriteCore users are unaware of claims created by Agents until they are submitted. Once submitted, appropriate users will receive an email notification regarding the submission of the claim and are then able to review the claim. While reviewing the claim, BriteCore users have the ability to edit the information and update the status appropriately.

Part of this enhancement was the creation of a new Loss Notice custom deliverable. The Loss Notice can be created from any claim by clicking the new Custom Deliverable button on an individual claim and, once generated, is accessible in the Attachments of that claim.

If an Adjuster is assigned to the claim at the time the Loss Notice is manually generated and the Adjuster has an email address associated with their contact, an email will be added to the new Pending Email queue in Claims > Processing. This email will be sent to the Adjuster and will include the Loss Notice and the most recent Declaration in regard to the Loss Date.

If an Adjuster is not assigned to the claim at the time the Loss Notice is manually generated or the Adjuster does not have an email address associated with their contact, an email will not be added to the Pending Email queue.

Claims > Processing > Pending Email Queue

The Processing tab has been added to the Claims module and is where the new Pending Email queue is located. This new queue will individually list all Claims emails that are pending and ready to be sent. Users have the ability to view the deliverable that will be emailed, delete emails from the queue, and send emails individually or batched. Once sent, the emails will be removed from the queue. This queue will need to be reviewed regularly by a user in order to maintain timely delivery of Claims documents.

November 20, 2014

Debits and Credits Across Terms

IWS has been undergoing the monumental task of rewriting how accounting debits and credits work across multiple policy terms in BriteCore. This has been no small endeavor, and as such, this update will be separated into two parts.

Part 1, this release, modifies the foundation of BriteCore's policy accounting to make the extension of logic across terms possible. While clients will only notice subtle differences in regard to BriteCore's functionality, this release contains nearly all updates necessary to extend BriteCore's accounting logic across terms. Part 2 will address the few remaining issues that will make it possible to turn across term logic on.

Updates users can expect from this release:

  • The Currently Due box on the Accounts Receivable screen will now indicate if a debit or credit is present in the term immediately preceding the term being viewed. The previous debit/credit WILL NOT be included in the displayed balance. Example
  • For the Billing Summary on Invoices, the Amount and Due Date columns have been transposed and the column headers are now italicized. This provides for a cleaner and more intuitive look. Example
  • The Sweep Payment page now includes the Currently Due box and shows the appropriate amounts for the policy listed. Example

NOTE: The Sweep Payment page will not show prior term debits or credits.

November 11, 2014

Enhanced Underwriting for Credit Scores

Funded by Halifax

This enhancement provides greater control over application submission based upon credit scores. The ability to define credit score tiers is currently available; this change will allow you to set restrictions upon those tiers.

A new column, Restriction, has been added to the Settings > Vendors > ISO Credit Scoring window. The Restriction column has three options: Disallow, Submit Unbound, and None.

  • Disallow - Applications with credit scores that fall in this tier cannot be submitted. The user will receive a warning stating this.
  • Submit Unbound - Applications with credit scores that fall in this tier can be submitted but ONLY unbound. The Submit Bound checkbox will not appear when the application is to be submitted.
  • None - Applications with credit scores that fall in this tier will be allowed to be submitted bound.

In order to accommodate all possible responses from the ISO Credit Scoring vendor, the Low and High columns now accept keywords in addition to numeric values. Possible non-numeric responses include No Hit, Insufficient credit, and None.

  • No Hit - Indicates the applicant has no credit history - no records found.
  • Insufficient credit - Indicates the applicant has too little recent credit history to calculate a credit score.
  • None - Indicates missing information or misinformation for requested applicant.

If you currently use the ISO Credit Scoring vendor, IWS recommends you update the defined tiers to include these new keywords and select the appropriate restriction for each tier.

NOTE: These keywords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as stated above in the Low and High columns. The Label column for these tiers can be customized and does not require a keyword.

BriteData Updates

IWS has made several updates to BriteData that improve overall functionality. Some of the improvements include the ability for clients to share reports with other users and the specific ordering of BriteData reports in the Report List.

Steps to share a report:

  1. Click the Download Report button located on the Finish tab. This will save a YAML file locally to your computer.
  2. Share the YAML file with the intended recipient.
  3. The recipient will create a new Custom Report from Reports > Report List > Custom Reports and name the report.
  4. Using the Upload Report button on the Define your Report tab, the recipient will upload the YAML file.
  5. NOTE: Only YAML file types are accepted and there are checks in place to ensure existing reports are not overridden when uploading a new report.

Given the flexibility of BriteCore’s lines setup, naming conventions of many coverages vary among clients. This means that users may need to update the Item Names once the report is uploaded to ensure accuracy of the data.

November 04, 2014

New Printing Options for Scheduled Items

Funded by Breman and Halifax

A new setting has been added that allows users to further define how Scheduled Items print on deliverables. Located in Settings > Deliverables > Options, users can choose to have Scheduled Items print in the Rating Information section of Declarations, Quote Summaries and Policy Applications, under the associated Line Item. Currently, Scheduled Items print at the end of Declarations, Quote Summaries and Policy Applications.


New Setting and Improved Spacing on Declaration Pages

There is a new database setting allowing users to update the bullet points used on Dec pages from an asterisk to a diamond. If you would like this setting turned ON for your site, please submit an OOPS! ticket.

The updates to spacing relates to details listed under individual Line Items. Previously, Line Item details were not spaced equally as shown in the picture below. The change addresses this discrepancy for an improved and consistent display of line item details as shown in the second picture below.