IWS Release Notes - November 2015

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November 23, 2015

New Report List Page - PR3474

IWS is excited to announce the redesign of BriteCore’s Report List screen. The ability to manage and customize this page will greatly increase ease of use for BriteCore users. During the redesign, IWS upgraded the framework of this page utilizing open-source Knockout technology to improve the navigation and formatting.

Report List.png

This screen will look different from the prior version as the new design allows for per client customization and organization.

The new design will continue to group reports by Category but these categories are completely customizable and will initially be defaulted and organized similar to the prior version. All reports, both stock reports and BriteData reports, will be organized together into their appropriate categories.

Adding a New Report To add a new report, click the Add Report button. This will open a pop-up where users can choose to create a new report or copy an existing report.

Add report.png

NOTE: Only BriteData reports can be copied, stock reports are not available for selection in this drop down.

After clicking Add Report in this pop-up, the user will be taken to the BriteData Report Wizard to further customize the new report.

Adding/Customizing Categories To add a new Category, click the Add Category button. Once the new Category is added, it will be available for use in organizing reports.

Users can also rename existing categories by clicking Rename Category.

Searching A new search bar has been added that allows users to easily find reports. In addition to the search bar, users can narrow the list of reports using the available filters: Type, Category, and Format.

Running/Editing Reports Clicking a report’s name will open a pop-up where additional actions are available.

Run Report.png

From this pop-up, users can run the report after entering the appropriate data or they can edit the report. If users choose to edit the report, new options will become available and depending on the type of report (stock vs. BriteData), the options will vary.

For stock reports, users will have the ability to edit the associated Category and Description and also delete the report if it is not needed. For BriteData reports, users will be taken to the BriteData Report Wizard where the Category and Description can be edited in addition to editing the report setup itself.

While the vast majority of existing stock reports were converted to the new screen, there are a few that have not yet been converted. Instead of delaying the use of this new page based on those reports, we have simply added a button that allows users to visit the previous version of this page to run these reports - View Old Report List.

The below reports will need to be run from the previous version of the Report List screen.

* Certificate of Mailing
* Retrieve Commission Report
* Negative Commission Report
* Invoices Coming Due

In addition to the above changes, the Premium Written Over A Date Range report has been appropriately renamed Premium Written.

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November 19, 2015

Security Update - Active Logins - PR3591

IWS is continuously improving the security of BriteCore and has added the ability for users to review active login sessions. By selecting Login History, users can see all active sessions for their account in a new pop-up window. This window provides users with the ability to audit their active login sessions and allows termination of selected sessions.


Expanded Capability for Loss Free Line Items - PR3535

Loss free line items are now capable of being applied based on a designated list of perils. The list of available perils pulls directly from Claims > Components > Perils.

LossFree Perils.png

When the selected line item is setup to be applied based on a claim being paid (as opposed to filed), the user will have the ability to select individual perils that will then be excluded from the evaluation. If a claim has an assigned peril that is designated as being excluded, that claim will not be considered when evaluating the application of the line item for policies.

All perils are defaulted to unselected on existing line items.

November 10, 2015

Builder Enhancements - PR3564

IWS announced at BriteCon2015 that Farmers Fire had been working on a change to the system that would increase the speed and efficiency of Builder and rating. This change has been live for a few clients for over a week and has successfully improved the user’s experience in Builder.

IWS will be releasing this change to all clients this evening. Nothing, in regard to the interface, has changed. This enhancement dealt primarily with improving the efficiency of database calls and will not impact the user’s workflow or procedures.

New Persistent Builder Setting - PR3533

To further automate the renewal process, IWS has added a new setting that will skip Persistent Builder in certain scenarios when the deductible options between lines effective dates do not match. This setting has been added to the existing Persistent Builder Options in Settings > Modules > Lines.

Settings Modules Lines with PB.png

If the deductible options have changed between lines effective dates, this setting will automatically determine which deductible will be used for the individual line items. If a given coverage's current deductible amount is no longer an option in the new lines effective date, the next closest value will be selected. If there are two values equidistant from the current value, preference will be given to the larger amount.

Example: Policy ABC123 is set to renew on 1/1/16 and Coverage A currently has a deductible amount of $250. A new lines effective date begins on 1/1/16 in which the deductible option for $250 has been removed and $500 is the lowest deductible available. With the above setting turned ON, BriteCore will automatically renew policy ABC123 and select the $500 deductible for Coverage A.

In this example, if this setting was turned OFF, Persistent Builder would have been activated on this policy and a BriteCore user would need to manually resolve Persistent Builder by selecting the appropriate deductible option.

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November 03, 2015

New Geography Vendor - PR2942

IWS has migrated all clients to a new geography vendor as a result of service interruption from the previous vendor. The new vendor is more accurate in regard to address matching and data returns. It also adds needed information that will be utilized with upcoming mapping features in BriteCore.

From a user experience standpoint, the interface changes will be very minimal. Currently, there is a Get button on the Property tab under the Geographic Location heading that pulls the Lat/Long of the given address. With this new vendor, the Get button will no longer show as this information will pull automatically from the new vendor when the address is entered.

Users will also receive immediate feedback in regard to the accuracy of the Risk Address when compared to the geography database. If an exact match if found, the user will see a green icon and the tool tip will read An address match has been found. Current GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION is based on the verified address.

Address verification green.png

If a partial match is found, the user will see a yellow icon and the tool tip will read An address match could not be found. Current GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION is based on the nearest verified address. This means that the street number could not be verified but the geography database found the street within the given City, State, Zip and used the nearest verified address as the Lat/Long.

Address verification yellow.png

If no match is found, the user will see a red icon and the tool tip will read The street address could not be verified. Current GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION is based on the State and Zip. This means that the street address could not be verified so the code used a Lat/Long based on the State and Zip.

Address verification red.png

These updates provide a better indication of database matches and enhance user experience with immediate feedback. With this change there will likely be a few updates that need to be made to the specific areas in which you write business, e.g. counties, cities, and zip codes.

If you receive a warning message indicating that the desired zip code or county is restricted, please submit an OOPS! ticket and IWS can easily update this for your site. Please include the county or city and the zip code it needs to be associated with. Once the update is made, the new selection will always be available for any address.

New Data Choice - PR3579

A new option is available for selection when building BriteData reports. The Data Choice Inspector Name will pull the inspector associated with a property when included in the setup of a BriteData report.

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