IWS Release Notes - October 2015

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October 06, 2015

General Interface Enhancements - PR3505 In an effort to maintain consistency and the modernness of BriteCore, several updates have been made to various interface elements throughout BriteCore and BriteQuote. Although the updates improve the aesthetic appeal of BriteCore, they also serves an important purpose for future mobile development. These updates were designed with the mobile use of BriteCore in mind.

  • Updates users can expect:
  • Updated font for all Knockout pages
  • Updated drop down menus for mobile
  • Appropriate line breaks for client name in header
  • Updated OOPS! form

BC Home Anatomy2.png

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New Setting for Line Items - PR2829 REVERTED A new setting, Show Expanded View in Builder, has been added to the setup of individual line items that allows for line items to automatically be expanded when Builder loads. This means that if there are category values or supplemental questions attached to a line item, users will not need to click the line item to expand it and see the available options, it will automatically be expanded when Builder loads.

LineItem Settings AutoExpand.png

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October 05, 2015

New Lines Rating Tool - PR3489

A new Rate Object option, titled Evaluation, is available when setting up Rate Chains in Lines. This powerful tool enhances the lines setup by employing the python language, which allows for the building of python expressions in the rate chain using premium, limit, deductibles, and categories. This gives users the flexibility to create numerous mathematical functions and use referenceable variables.


NOTE: While this new option allows for extremely advanced setup of Lines, utilization of the Evaluation object will require knowledge of the python coding language.

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System Tags for Line Items - PR3464

Similar to other areas of BriteCore, a direct link to edit System Tags has been added to the setup of line items. This addition will make editing System Tags for an individual line item more efficient and convenient for users.

SystemTags LineItems.png

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New Category Option for BriteQuote - PR3520

Currently, category values can be disabled for selection in BriteQuote but are still visible to the agent. This new option allows users to completely hide category options from BriteQuote users.

HideCategory BQ.png

BriteCore users will still have the ability to select these category values. This setting is for BriteQuote users only.