IWS Release Notes - September 2015

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September 29, 2015

Notes Screen Redesign - PR3299

IWS is excited to announce the redesign of BriteCore’s Notes screen. Notes are an integral part of BriteCore and are located within each module. During the redesign, IWS upgraded the framework of this page utilizing open-source Knockout technology to improve the navigation and formatting.

ViewNotes Policies.png

Updates users can expect:

  • Updated, user-friendly interface elements.
  • Infinite scrolling - loads the next set of notes automatically when users approach the end of the page.
  • In-line editing - creating and editing notes will no longer generate a separate window. Users will type directly in the note.
  • Updated search capabilities
  • Auto-fill email addresses from Contacts for alerts.

Plan for Deployment Given the updates in functionality that have been made to each Notes page in BriteCore, IWS will utilize a soft release process for this enhancement. This means that the Notes page in the Contacts module will be updated on each site as of tomorrow. All other Notes pages will remain the same. This will give each user the ability to review the changes that have been made and familiarize themselves with the enhancements.

Once the updated Contacts > Notes page has been live for one week, IWS will begin migrating other Notes pages to the new infrastructure. Subsequent release notes will follow before other pages are migrated.

Please Clear Your Cache With this update, it may be necessary to clear your browser cache for the interface to render properly. Please instruct all BriteCore users to clear their cache.

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September 28, 2015

New: Claims Supervisor - PR 3466

Users now have the ability to assign a supervisor to a claim. This new field is located on Contacts tab within an individual claim.

Claims Contacts1.png

Supervisors are not required but can be used for internal management of claims. In order to further manage this process, a new data choice has been added to BriteData that allows users to pull reports that contain the supervisor’s name.

Associated supervisor(s) will receive an email notification for the same actions that trigger an email to be sent to the adjuster.

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System Tags for Line Items - PR 3510

Similar to other areas of BriteCore, a direct link to System Tags has been added to the setup of line items. This addition will make editing System Tags for an individual line item more efficient and convenient for users.

SystemTags LineItems.png

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New Category Option for BriteQuote - PR 3520

Currently, category values can be disabled in BriteQuote but are still visible to the agent. This new option allows users to completely hide category options in BriteQuote.

HideCategory BQ.png

BriteCore users will still have the ability to select these category values. This setting is for BriteQuote users only.

September 8, 2015

Deliverables Update - PR3313

Deliverables in BriteCore are currently grouped by type. For example, when a declaration is created for a policy, one PDF is created that contains a copy for the designated recipients (named/additional insured, mortgagee, and agent). With this change, all recipients will have his/her own PDF copy of the deliverable.

Since each recipient will have his/her own copy, deliverables will now be grouped by type, date, and recipient in the Attachments tabs throughout BriteCore. This means users will see one additional level of folders, which represent the date of the deliverable. Below is an example of a policy with declarations on two dates.

Declaration FirstLevel.png Declaration SecondLevel.png Declaration ThirdLevel.png

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September 3, 2015

New Quote Status - PR3381

A new option is available in Settings > Vendors > Quoting that allows the processing of internal quotes.

Settings Vendors BQ.png

This new setting can be selected in addition to the other Quoting options; however the specific case for this feature is to separate quotes from policies in BriteCore when BriteQuote is not being used. When selected, the Quote policy status will be available for BriteCore users when creating policies; agents will not be able to assign this status to a policy. BriteQuote users, though, will have view-only privileges for policies with this status - similar to how Submitted policies are viewable from BriteQuote for the associated agent/agency.

To further accommodate the intended functionality of this new setting, a new Data Choice has been added to BriteData. By selecting the Quote Status Data Choice a report can be setup to filter policies that have a quote status - including Submitted, Unsubmitted, Rejected, and Quote.

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September 1, 2015

Insured Disclosure Udates - PR3394 Funded by Union Mutual

Currently users are able to add the Loss History to a policy through vendor integration or by manually entering losses via the Insured Disclosures section. This release improves the Insured Disclosure section by adding new fields for data collection. The Loss Amount and Loss Cause fields are now available so users can record a more accurate representation of the loss. The Loss Cause field will populate with the pre-defined list from settings.

Insured Disclosure.png

In addition to the new fields, the Policy Application will now show all Insured Disclosures.

Policy App InsuredDisclosure.png

NOTE: Vendor reported losses will not appear on the Policy Application.

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New Return Premium Report - PR3456

IWS has updated the Return Premium report and it is now fully customizable through the BriteData report wizard. The new report is located under the Custom Reports heading in Reports > Report List and has replaced the previous version that was located under the Premium heading.

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