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The Lines module is where the fully editable nature of BriteCore truly shines. In Lines, you are able to define your own policy types from the ground up. In BriteCore, a Homeowners - Form 1, Mobile Home-owners - Form 2, and Businessowners Deluxe are considered policy types. You will enter your insurance offerings as policy types, not as the more general lines of business (such as Homeowners, Mobile Homeowners, Commercial, etc.).

By defining your own policy types, you have full control over the coverages offered and the policies that your company will write. You will not have to ask for custom programming if you add a new policy type to your offerings; simply use the Lines module to add it, define all ratings and endorsements, upload the proper forms, and you’re soon ready to write policies. Lines also offers you a new and unique feature: the ability to define policy type updates in advance. If you plan to add a new policy type in the future, you can build that policy type now and select a future effective date. BriteCore will store the information until the date you select and then make that policy type available on the effective date.

The Lines module also provides the unique ability to instantly change rates across the board. If you need to make a 5% increase in all your rates, you can now type that rate change information in the Formulas tab using a factor, click Process, and it’s done. Never again will you have to spend weeks manually calculating and re-entering new rates. If you need to adjust only a single policy type, BriteCore has that flexibility as well. By selecting the policy types you wish to change, you can increase or decrease specific rates while leaving all other rates as they were.

As mentioned previously, the process of entering and maintaining your policy types is vastly simplified in BriteCore. As the system supports all standard property and casualty forms and lines of business, you are free to enter the information as you wish.




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