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Whether you’re writing a new policy or managing existing policies, BriteCore’s policies module provides you with the functionality, ease-of-use, and readiness you need. In BriteCore, you’ll find the ability to write multi-location policies and have access to numerous integrated vendors. You’ll also notice that any policy changes automatically trigger system-generated notes, providing an audit trail for your reference.

The Policies module is also where you will complete accounting tasks such as entering payments toward a policy’s premium or changing a policy's billing schedule. Accounting at the policy level is all about tracking the flow of money associated with a given policy, and this process primarily deals with tracking insurance policies from their inception to their termination and/or reinstatement. In between are all the payments, pay-outs, and particular details of the money trail. BriteCore handles policy lifecycle and payment automation with ease and provides users with access to account history records and audit trails in a number of places. See links below for more detailed information regarding Policy Lifecycle Management.

Issuing Policies



Revisions: Mid-Term Endorsement

Billing Schedules

Standard Cancellations

Overlapping Cancellations

Automating the Continuation of Coverage Process

Reinstating Policies

Rewriting Policies

Changing the Producer on a Policy

Making Payments

Managing Payments