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There's a setting in BriteCore that allows clients who email documents to Agents/Agencies/Agency Groups to send a summary email that contains links to each of the recipient’s documents instead of sending an individual email for each document. These “Print List” emails will automatically be sent in the DayCron processing each night for Agents/Agencies/Agency Groups who have documents to receive.

In order to use this setting, carriers will need to update the individual contacts (agents, agencies, or agency groups) in BriteCore. To do this, go to BriteCore > Contacts > Individual Contact > Notices and select the setting option titled “Send Daily ‘Print List’ Email”.

Send Daily Print List Email.png

Note: You will need to activate this setting at all appropriate levels (agent/agency/agency group). If an agent is setup to receive the new summary email but the associated agency is not, the agency will still receive individual emails for each document. Additionally, if you attach agents to policies but direct documents to the agency, the agent will still need the setting enabled.

Example of an Emailed Print List

Below is example content for the Print List summary. When this email is sent, each deliverable is linked to an electronic version of the document.

Policy Number: 170055533
Named Insured: John Doe

  • 06-27-2014 - Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium

Policy Number: 10-2011-1270
Named Insured: Jane Doe

  • 06-27-2014 - Renewal Billing Statement
  • 07-27-2014 - Direct Debit Letter
  • 07-27-2014 - Declaration
  • 07-27-2014 - Policy Form Letter

Policy Number: 120544632
Named Insured: Johnny Doe

  • 07-27-2014 - Direct Debit Letter
  • 06-27-2014 - Renewal Billing Statement
  • 07-27-2014 - Policy Form Letter
  • 07-27-2014 - Declaration

Policy Number: 008889294
Named Insured: Janey Doe

  • 06-26-2014 - Continuation of Coverage - NonPay

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