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BriteCore Print Guide

During the 2013 BriteCore Users Conference several of our clients asked for more information regarding the proper procedures for purchasing and hooking up a new printer for BriteCore. In lieu of such requests, we’ve put together a print guide to help users minimize business interruptions while setting up a new printer for their office. We’ve even added documentation for storing and reprinting backups in BriteCore. Enjoy!

Print Deliverables

This page gives a explanation of what initiates printing for specific Deliverables.

Print States

Digital copies of all system-generated deliverables that are produced and/or mailed to insureds or other specified recipient(s) are automatically uploaded and filed to BriteCore > Policies > Individual Policy > Attachments. You can refer to these documents and/or change their current print state at any time by clicking on the document's name or by clicking on the Print drop-down box and selecting a new state. Click the link above to view summaries of BriteCore's available Print States.