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These errors occur on the nightly DayCron and should be viewed with priority. Errors in these emails can include:

  1. Actions that are waiting to complete, but need user involvement. These are preceded with UserWarning
    1. E.G. UserWarning: Auto Pay Did not run for #10-2012-1431, the current account balance was less than or equal to zero.
    2. E.G. UserWarning: Auto Pay Failure! Message: The transaction failed to process: The credit card has expired.
  2. Hard BriteCore errors that should be reported to your Account representative
    1. E.G. IOError: File /srv/www/britecore/uploads/policies/fc/fc2d5bbe-92f4-4801-994f-bc81959a79ae/a56b9ca5-1111-4af5-b25b-ac8178e2891f/2f7d74d4-e0ab-4d6c-a917-fd785c4b2c10

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