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IWS strives to provide agents and agencies with an optimal viewing and user experience for quoting, application, and policy maintenance. While most agents use the Agent Portal with success, there are a variety circumstances where troubleshooting and additional support are necessary due to a user's current technology. Outlined below are suggestions that help carriers improve the user experience for their agents. However, if you exhaust this list and still experience issues, we are happy to provide you and your agents with additional support.

1. Make sure your agents are using the correct BriteCore URL.

Agents will not be able to access your company's BriteCore site if the URL they are entering is incorrect. If an agent experiences issues getting to your BriteCore site, verify that the url they are entering does not contain www in the prefix.


2. Verify that your agents are using a supported browser type.

The most supported and highly recommended browser is FireFox. Chrome also works fairly well. Internet Explorer is the least compatible web browser by far and is certainly NOT recommended by IWS.

If your agents must use Internet Explorer, they’ll need to make sure that “compatMode” and/or “documentMode” is turned off. Additionally, they shouldn’t be using the rendering engine from older versions of IE to access the site (i.e., they shouldn’t be using IE8 but rendering pages as IE7). For more information on how to turn off compatibility mode, Google “Internet Explorer Compatibility View” for the browser version being used.

Note: E2Value is only compatible with Internet Explorer. If your BriteCore system is integrated with e2Value then agents will need to use an IE browser version 8 or higher.

In regard to browser add-ons, we do not recommend agents use them with BriteQuote. The fewer add-ons the less chance of a conflict.

Failure to comply with IWS' BriteCore Browser regulations can result in unknown consequences and incompatibilities.

Supported Browser Types

Listed below are all the browser types BriteCore currently supports:

Administrative Note: Although we support IE8 and 9 for BriteQuote users, we do not support any version of Internet Explorer for BriteCore administrators.

Working with Internet Explorer

  1. How to determine which version of IE you're using.
    1. Click the "Start" menu button, click "All Programs" and then click "Internet Explorer." Or click the "E" icon on the taskbar.
    2. Click the "Help" menu when Internet Explorer opens.
    3. Click "About Internet Explorer" from the "Help" menu. A box will appear displaying the current version of the Web browser you are running. You can also see other information such as updates and the product's unique identification number.
  2. How to turn compatibility mode off for IE 10.
    1. Websites that were designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer may not display correctly in IE8, IE9, or IE10. When you turn on Compatibility View, the webpage you're viewing, as well as any other webpages within the website's domain, will be displayed as if you were using an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

3. Encourage agents to save their work.

BriteCore often uses a method of saving work called Save as you Go. This means that the software saves pieces of information each time you leave a field through tabbing out, clicking out, or leaving a page.

However, some pages require users to manually save their work. Such pages have two buttons: Save and Cancel. On these pages, users must click the Save button in order for their work to be stored in BriteCore, and clicking the Cancel button causes the system to leave the screen without saving the user's work.

In some places BriteCore will ask users to confirm whether or not they wish to save their work before leaving the screen. However, it's wise to encourage agents to save their work often in order to avoid issues where BriteCore doesn't ask and hours of work gets left unsaved.

4. Ask the agent to refresh their browser screen.

If an agent encounters a bug in the software or if a screen appears to be frozen, ask them to refresh their browser screen. To refresh a browser, press Control + R on a PC or Command + R on a Mac. Users can also click the refresh button in their browser while holding down Control on a PC or Command on a Mac.

5. Ask the agent to clear their cache.

Occasionally, IWS will release code to live sites that require users to clear the cache from their browsers before the change will take effect. Below are instructions for clearing cache in FireFox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

6. Verify that the agent's internet speed and connection is appropriate.

Agents should be using DSL or Cable internet to connect to the BriteQuote Agent Portal. Dial Up or Cellular internet connections can technically be used to access the system; however, those connection types are highly discouraged.

If your agents are having issues with their internet connection, verify the type and speed. The average speed in which the agent's system should be running is at least 3mb downloading and 1mb uploading. Agents can run a speed test on their computer by going to

7. Ask agents to deactivate pop-up blockers.

Inform agents on how to deactivate pop-up blockers if they are blocking BriteCore sites. Also, ensure JavaScript is enabled on the web browser of their choice. Note that unless previously changed, JavaScript should be enabled by default.

8. Log into BriteCore to see what the agent sees.

Consider logging in to BriteCore either as an admin or as an agent to assist agents who are having difficulty using the system. When you log in as the agent, you'll be able to see exactly what your agents are seeing.

You can also log in as an administrator to assist agents with policy building. For example, if the agent is having trouble with coverages, you can log in to the system and add the coverages from the BriteCore admin side, then have the agent refresh his/her screen to view your changes.

You can also try a free service such as to view the agent's screen.

9. Ask the agent to restart their computer.

If none of the above actions seem to work, ask the agent to restart their computer.

10. Request additional support.

Once you've exhausted this list and an issue still persists, go ahead and collect the below information from your agent and submit a ticket to IWS using our built-in Issue Tracker (OOPS!):

  1. Browser Type (IE, FireFox, Chrome)
  2. Browser Version
  3. Windows OS Version

  4. Exact Location Path of Error (e.g., Log In > Click on Policies icon > etc)
  5. Exact Error Message or Action (e.g., if your screen freezes or an error message pops up, please take a screenshot of the system's behavior for our executives to troubleshoot)