System Requirements for Agents

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The following system requirements were created for Agents only, and NOT for administrators.


Agents can use FireFox (version 4.0 or higher downloadable at, Chrome (version 4.0 or higher downloadable at, or Internet Explorer (versions 8 and 9) to access BriteQuote. The most supported, and highly recommended, browser is FireFox. Chrome also works fairly well, but IE is the least compatible web browser–by far–and is certainly NOT recommended by IWS.

If your agents must use Internet Explorer (downloadable at at, they’ll need to make sure that “compatMode” and/or “documentMode” is turned off. Agents shouldn’t be using the rendering engine from older versions of IE to access the site (i.e., they shouldn’t be using IE8 but rendering pages as IE7). For more information on how to turn off compatibility mode, Google “Internet Explorer Compatibility View” for your browser version. Failure to comply with Browser regulations can result in unknown consequences and incompatibilities.

We do not recommend agents use any browser add-ons with BriteQuote. In fact, the fewer add-ons the less chance of a conflict.

Internet Connection

Agents should be using DSL or Cable internet to connect to BriteQuote. Dial Up or Cellular internet connections can techni- cally be used to access the system; however, those connection types are highly discouraged.

Deactivate Pop-Up Blockers

Inform agents on how to deactivate pop-up blockers if they are blocking BriteCore sites. Also, ensure JavaScript is enabled on the web browser of their choice. Note that unless previously changed, JavaScript should be enabled by default.

Download FireFox Portable

The best browser advice you can give your agents is to use a supported version of FireFox, if at all possible. Agents can even download FireFox (for free) onto a flash drive and access BriteQuote on any computer connected to the internet via that flash drive.

For simple instructions on how to download and install FireFox Portable, please see the links below:

Security Tips

Though BriteCore comes equipped with elaborate security measures, there are a few additional ways you and your agents can help protect your data:

  1. Invest in anti-virus or anti-spyware software that detects viruses.
  2. Avoid downloading files with .exe extensions from unsecured websites.
  3. Log out of programs when they're not in use.
  4. When entering personal information into the computer (e.g., buying a product) be sure the url contains the https:// prefix instead of just http://.

Password Tips

Avoid using simple dictionary passwords such as basketball, sportscar, etc. The best passwords use a combination of numbers, alternate spellings, special characters (!, @, #), upper and lowercase letters, and pass phrases. For example, if you love basketball, you could use the phrase i luv B@sk3tb@ll. Or, if your system doesn’t allow spaces, you can run the characters together: iluvB@sk3tb@ll.

Password DOs:

  • Use both upper and lower-case letters (case sensitivity)
  • Use one or more numerical digits
  • Use special characters, e.g. @, #, $ etc.
  • Have a password of at least 8 characters

Password DON'Ts:

  • Use words found in a dictionary or the user's personal information
  • Use passwords that match the format of calendar dates, license plate numbers, telephone numbers, or other common numbers
  • Use the company name or an abbreviation
  • Make your password the same as your username

For Administrators

Although we support IE8 and 9 for BriteQuote users, we do not support any version of Internet Explorer for BriteCore administrators.