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Trac is a web-based project management and bug-tracking tool that allows users to easily structure and prioritize projects by using tickets, queues, milestones, reports, and sorted views. This program is open to all BriteCore clients so they can follow up on work items associated with their company.

The new Trac program uses the same utilities as BriteIdeas, so you’ll need to log in to BriteIdeas before logging in to Trac. Though these two programs are different, they can be used in conjunction with each other to help establish community and individual priorities. It’s a good idea to browse through both Trac and BriteIdeas on a daily or weekly basis to make sure your priorities stay current.

Logging In to BriteIdeas

Logging In to BriteIdeas. Click this thumbnail to enlarge the image.

In order to log in to Trac, you must log in through BriteIdeas.

  1. Go to

  2. In the Email box, type your BriteIdeas email address (e.g.,

  3. In the Password box, type your BriteIdeas password (e.g., mutual1234).

  4. Click Sign In.

Logging In to Trac

Logging in to Trac. Click this thumbnail to enlarge the image.

Once you're logged in BriteIdeas, you can log in to Trac.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the Login link in the Login drop-down menu.

You’ll then be logged in and directed to the Trac home screen.

Trac Home Screen

When you first log in to Trac, you'll see a Client Queues box in the top-left corner of your screen. This box contains links to pre-filtered Trac Reports to which you have access. These include your company's work queue, the All Clients work queue, and the work queues of your mentoring clients––if applicable. Such work queues are populated by Oops! Tickets and other support correspondence. You may view tickets inside of each represented Client Queue by clicking on the queue link.

Your Company Queue is the Most Important Queue

The most important queue in the Client Queue box is your company's personal queue. This queue is named after your company and contains a list of hard errors or other support tickets your company has submitted to IWS. In the example image below, you'll see a link to the following queues:

  • All Clients queue (populated with tickets associated with all clients)
  • Belvidere (one of Panhandle's mentoring clients)
  • ETMIC (one of Panhandle's mentoring clients)
  • NKHI (one of Panhandle's mentoring clients)
  • Panhandle (Panhandle's personal company queue)

TT Client Queues2.png

Associated Client

What does it mean when we say that you can view all tickets associated with your company? It means you have the authority to view, track, and comment on tickets that are entered into Trac on your behalf. These tickets can be generated automatically when you submit items through OOPS, or they can be generated manually by your Account Executive. Either way, when a new ticket is created in Trac for your company, the Associated Client field will be populated with your company name giving you access to the ticket in Trac. You won't be able to view tickets that aren't associated with your company unless those tickets are associated with All Clients or one of your mentoring clients.

TT Assoc Client.png

Viewing and Sorting Your Company's Queue

Click on your company’s name in the Client Queues box on the left side of your Trac screen to view your company’s individual work queue. As mentioned previously, this queue is comprised of Trac tickets associated with your company.

Sort Your List By Dragging and Dropping Items

When new tickets are entered for your company, they'll appear in the the Unsorted section of your company's personal work queue. You can sort these tickets by dragging and dropping them into your Sorted list. If you'd like to reorder your Sorted list, simply drag and drop your sorted items until you're list is prioritized correctly. We ask that you keep this list in order so we can use it as a reference when making development decisions. We'll also refer to your list any time we need help establishing our own ticket priorities in our individual work queues at IWS.

Important Note

If you view a queue that is not your company’s personal work queue, you should NOT sort it. For example, all clients will have access to the All Clients work queue, but this queue is meant to be a view only queue. Sorting items in this queue is discouraged and will not change the development plans at IWS. Additionally, all mentor queues should be sorted by the mentoring client, unless they've given you permission to modify their queue.

Work Queue for PH.png

Commenting on a Trac Ticket

You can comment on any of the tickets you have access to in Trac. To comment on a specific ticket, search for the ticket or click on the ticket link inside one of your client queues. This opens the full Trac ticket so you can view its summary and comments or add your own to the Comment box located at the bottom of the screen. When you're finished commenting on a ticket, click the Submit Changes button to apply your comments. Anyone associated with or CC'd on the modified ticket will receive an email notifying them of changes.

Commenting on a Trac Ticket.png

Viewing Your Tickets in the Current Iteration

IWS completes tickets inside of what we call iterations. When we close a round of tickets and are ready to accept the next set, we'll create a new iteration inside Trac. You can view your tickets that have made it to the current iteration by clicking on the Work Queue per Milestone link inside the Reports tab. Next, you'll need to select Iteration X from the Milestone drop-box to pull up the current iteration. Once an iteration is closed, it'll be moved to Completed, so you should only see one Iteration milestone at a time inside this drop-down. Note that you won't be able to see another company's tickets in this report.

TT Panhandles Iteration.png

Other Trac Reports

You have access to a number of other reports in Trac. However, at this time you can only view tickets you're associated with inside of these Reports. Therefore, the most useful reports have already been pre-filtered for you and added to your Client Queues box. If you do decide to browse the other reports, please keep in mind that you won't be able to see items we're working on or queuing for development for other clients. Our work queue is reflected more transparently in BriteIdeas.

TT Available Reports.png

Searching Trac

Use Trac's standard Search box to quickly and easily locate work items associated with your company. You can use full ticket numbers or select key words to return relevant Trac results for both active and closed tickets.

No Matches Found

To search for a ticket in Trac, type the ticket number or key word(s) you want to appear in the search results and then click Search. All relevant tickets––that you have permission to view––will be displayed in the results area. If no relevant tickets are found, or if you do not have permission to view the tickets found, a "No Matches Found" message will appear.

TT No Matches Found.png

Quick Jump Link

If you type in a ticket number that matches a Trac ticket your company is associated with, you'll see a Quick Jump link that will direct you to the active/closed ticket. In the example below, we've conducted a search for ticket #14849. Since All Clients are associated with this ticket, the Quick Jump link is present.

TT Search Box2.png

Using Key Words

If you don't know or don't remember the exact number for the ticket you want to find, you can type key words into the search box. For example, we could have typed claim surcharge into the search field instead of ticket number 14849, and the search results would have populated with relevant entries that included ticket #14849––the ticket we were trying to find.

TT Search by Keywords.png